Classic Summer Flowers Ideal for Planting and Potting
10 Classic Summer Flowers for Garden Planting and Potting Your flowery ingredients for a bouquet full of sunshine this summer season.
Garden Plants Flowers
Jul 03 | 11 min read
Surfinia Trailing Burgundy Yellow Picotee
3 x 6 Good Reasons to Get Surfinia® Into Your Garden The six best reasons to buy, the six best care tips, and the six best fun facts about the world's no. 1 trailing petunia.
Hydroponic Cultivation
Maximizing Growth: Exploring the Best Flowers for Hydroponic Cultivation Soil-free farming: Learn the basics of hydroponic cultivation for efficient plant growth.
The 15 Best Black Flowers These flowers add instant intrigue to a bouquet or garden.
Light Bio’s Bioluminescent Firefly Petunias That Glow in the Dark
Glowing Petunias? Bioluminescence Technology Makes Them a Reality People are fascinated with luminous plants, and science now reveals how to make them (even brighter).
Let nature crawl into your home with these cascading plants.
Imbue Your Home With Nature Using These 10 Cascading Plants These plants come in varied selections to enhance your home landscape and indoor spaces.
Foliage Garden Plants
Sep 13 | 7 min read
surfinia petunia
Surfinia® Already Over 30 Years the Showstopping Petunia for Gardens and Streets With now over 1.500.000.000 Surfinia®'s from cuttings sold in Europe alone, you can read all about the revolutionary first trailing petunia brand on the market.
Aromatic Beauties - Common Fragrant Flowers That Keep Bugs Away Naturally While flowers and houseplants are naturally grown to bedeck an otherwise boring area, some however come with a plus. They keep bugs away. Naturally!
Colorful and Dynamic Containers in Alabama These designer recipes shined at the Young’s Plant Farm trial garden in Auburn, Alabama
Garden Plants
Aug 19 | 10 min read
Keep Annuals Looking Better Longer by Choosing the Right Varieties Heat tolerant annuals stand up to tough conditions
May 12 | 4 min read
Petunia Extravaganza These dazzling and vivacious petunia introductions for 2021 exhibit outstanding garden performance and unique flower patterns.
Garden Plants
Jan 06 | 11 min read

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