Big leaf houseplants
The Best 6 Big Leaf Houseplants That Invite Nature's Lushness Indoors A space with plants is a good space, greenery adds tranquility and beauty into it, creating an inviting and inspiring ambiance.
Indoor Plants
Apr 06 | 7 min read
Bird of Paradise Strelitzia Queen of the Tropical Indoor Plant World feature on Thursd
Bird of Paradise - Is the Strelitzia The Queen of the Tropical Indoor Plant World? A Bird of Paradise plant adds a rich, tropical flair to your space with its glossy, banana-shaped leaves that fan out.
Indoor Plants
Apr 06 | 8 min read
Bird of Paradise in​ Designs and Arrangements
Bring Out the True Charm of Bird of Paradise in Floral Compositions The tropical Strelitzia has been able to grasp the hearts of floral designers and enthusiasts alike across the world.
Tall houseplants
12 Tall Houseplants for Making a Bold Interior Decor Statement These large and leafy houseplants bring a substantial finesse to your interior decor.
Indoor Plants
Sep 13 | 9 min read
Pothos marble featured on Thursd
These Were the 10 Most Popular Plant Stories in 2022 Learn which green plants conquered the year and get a complete compilation of this year's most popular green stories.
Indoor Plants
Mar 01 | 5 min read

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