The 6 Big Leaf Houseplants, Inviting Nature's Lushness Indoors

A space with plants is a good space, greenery adds tranquility and beauty into it, creating an inviting and inspiring ambiance.

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There is no doubt regarding the immense benefits of having plants in your indoor spaces. From air purification, inspiring creativity, and curating your space to a desirable ambiance, houseplants are a cheat code to having splendid spaces. Some prefer miniature houseplants, but if you have enough space, big-leaf houseplants are a befitting choice for you!

The Big-leaf houseplants come with a massive presence and lushness, complementing your indoor decor and theme. It infuses the right amount of greenery and nature's magic into your space. Here is a review of the 6 big-leaf houseplants, which are a must-have in your space.

Six Big Leaf Houseplants to Green Your Space

Big-leaf houseplants have become a staple piece to have indoors as part of home decor. Why? Because such plants not only make the perfect decoration pieces but also add more grace and aesthetic appeal to your home. Get ready to learn about common big-leaf houseplants with massive foliage that'll immediately conquer your plant eye and get you along the journey to becoming the best plant parent.


Spaces with big leaf houseplants
Picture by @Sanni Sahil Unsplash


Why big houseplants? With their massive foliage, these houseplants have a visible presence and desired greenery in your spaces. They can easily act as a focal point to your spaces, creating good feng shui, while also infusing your space with the right energy and atmosphere. Whether tall houseplants or big-leaf ones, these towering and spreading giants will color your space green and invite nature's tranquility and elegance indoors.

Monstera Deliciosa

This exotic plant is found in tropical areas and has large, and split leaves. Monstera Deliciosa looks absolutely stunning indoors, immediately increasing the sophistication of your home.


Big leaf houseplants
Monstera Deliciosa by @Wow Monstera


This gorgeous green plant is one of the types of houseplants with massive foliage that are an absolute must-have if what you're looking for is to enhance your indoor spaces. Please be mindful of providing them with the care they need if you want them to grow stronger. Keep them in a place where they can catch at least a bit of indirect sunlight, so they’ll absorb its energy. Excessive sunlight can burn its leaves.

Philodendron Xanadu (Thaumatophyllum Xanadu)

Philodendron Xanadu is a big-leaf houseplant with large foliage that is ready to conquer every corner of your indoor home spots.


big leaf houseplants
Philodendron Xanadu by @Boys and girls with plants


This gorgeous houseplant makes it into the list of big-leaf houseplants to have at home. The unique bi-leathery, lobed leaves of the Philodendron Xanadu will make it a focal point in any room. As the plant matures, the leaves become more intricate with a greater number of lobes. Each leaf can grow up to 40cm long and 30cm wide and can have 10 to 15 lobes. However, make sure to be careful, as this houseplant is toxic to humans and pets.

Alocasia Portodora

Alocasia Portodora is one of the most wonderful big-leaf houseplants to have, being one of the upright selections of Elephant Ear, Alocasia Portodora comes with glossy foliage and purple-toned leaf stalks.


Big leaf houseplants
Alocasia Portodora by @Manchester Jungle


This tropical houseplant is one of the largest in the Alocasia species, known for its insanely large-shaped arrow ears (also known as elephant ears). One thing you should know about this plant, as it makes part of the big leaf plants group is they thrive in bright light. So, keep near the window, with sufficient access to bright indirect sunlight.

Many people in the tropics grow them in their gardens as it’s a hassle-free plant. One thing to note is that, after watering, the Alocasia leaks water from the edges of the leaves. Make sure not to place it close to wooden furniture or flooring, to avoid any unexpected damage to them.

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Reginae)

Strelitzia Reginae, also known as 'Bird of Paradise' is part of the group of common big-leaf houseplants with big leaves that will add both desired aesthetic appeal and greenery to your indoor corners.


big leaf houseplants
Strelitzia Reginea by @Luca Deasti Unsplash


This plant makes an excellent indoor houseplant, and not because of its beautiful flowers. The leaves of Bird of Paradise are very impressive, hence why it's considered one of the best big-leaf plants to have indoors, and with its attractive color, one of the most wanted in modern decorations. It gets the name 'Bird of Paradise' because of its uncanny resemblance to the tropical bird of the same name. This plant is relatively easy to grow as it grows rapidly, and you don’t have to be on your toes to maintain it.

Philodendron Gloriosum

Philodendron Gloriosum is among the most common types of houseplants with big foliage to grace your indoor space with a lush and graceful presence. Because this plant is a member of the Araceae family, some name it an Anthurium Gloriosum.

Although this plant makes a part of the list of big-leaf indoor plants, it is a very rare kind, making it a true green gem to have in your space. This magnificent large-leafed type of philodendron known as Philodendron Gloriosum has velvety, deep-green leaves with white veining.


Big leaf Houseplant
Philodendron Gloriosum by @Sudotwu


Being a rare gem, Anthurium Gloriosum might be hard to find within your local gardening shop, but if you are lucky you might find some suppliers online. Philodendron Gloriosum is an easy big-leaf houseplant, with access to bright indirect sunlight and consistent watering should suffice. It is toxic to humans and pets, so avoid any ingestion.

Zebra plant (Calathea Orbifolia)

The Zebra plant referred to as the Peacock plant, has a striking exotic leaf pattern making it an aesthetically appealing and highly sought-after big-leaf houseplant.


big leaf houseplants
Picture by @Like my plants


The Calathea Orbifolia has enormous leaves with silver stripes, making them look super elegant and tasteful. Looking at this plant will automatically make you want to have it around, and you should, as it’ll make your home look very homey and graceful. Being a native of Bolivia, in the tropical forests, Calthea Orbifolia loves humid conditions that mimic the rainforest conditions, so it might seem complicated to care for it. The Zebra plant earned its name 'diva' because it can be demanding if not provided with consistent caring conditions.

Growing and Caring Tips for Big-Leaf Houseplants

Now that you have acquainted yourselves with the above greenery giants, here are the essential tips on growing and caring for big-leaf houseplants. Whether you're a green thumb or a beginner looking to embrace the green lifestyle, these guidelines will ensure your leafy friends thrive indoors.

Light Matters

Big-leaf houseplants often hail from tropical regions, so they crave sufficient indirect sunlight. Find a well-lit spot in your home, but be cautious of exposing them to harsh, direct sunlight, since this might scorch their delicate foliage.


Big leaf houseplants
Photo by @Mark Angelo


Grow in the Right Soil Mix

Provide a well-draining soil mix to prevent waterlogged roots. A blend of potting soil, perlite, and orchid bark is ideal for most big-leaf houseplants. Growing in the right soil mix enhances root formation and supports plants' optimal growth.

Water Consistently

Strike a balance in your watering routine. These plants prefer slightly moist soil, so let the top inch of soil dry out before watering again. Overwatering can lead to root rot, so it's crucial to monitor your plant's water needs, rather than watering blindly.

Fertilizer Application

During the growing season, give your big leaf companions a boost with a balanced liquid fertilizer. However, moderation is key to avoiding nutrient buildup, which can inhibit its growth.


big leaf houseplants
Photo by @Our Planty Life


Pruning and Maintenance

Keep an eye on the size of your big-leaf houseplants, especially if space is a consideration. Prune away any yellowing or damaged leaves to encourage new growth. Prune any undesirable leaf stalks to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your green giants.


Replicate the humidity of their native habitats by misting the leaves or placing a tray of water near the plants. This is particularly important during the dry winter months.

Each Species Has Its Unique Care Requirements

As you embark on your journey with big-leaf houseplants, remember that each species has its unique care requirements. Pay attention to the individual needs of your green companions, and you'll be rewarded with a flourishing indoor jungle.


Header image by @Gardenia Featured image by @Our Planty Life



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