Susan McLeary for Accent Decor
Compotes for Eco-Friendly Design by Accent Decor in Company of Susan McLeary If you're looking for more sustainable floral designing options, these are a great fit.
Susan McLeary featured
Florist Special With Susan McLeary Although she considers herself to be a late bloomer, she's extremely thankful she did indeed bloom at her own time. Flowers have incredibly transformed her world.
The Outspoken and Simple Style of the Calla Shown by Florists From Around the World With its unique style and character, calla creates a bigger impact for every bouquet or arrangement. Check out these gorgeous ideas.
Mar 23 | 3 min read
Reliable Products for a Large Scale Installation Passionflower Sue shares with us her go-to products
Susan McLeary and the Art of Wearable Flowers Creating unusual, boundary-pushing floral art including elaborate headpieces, floral wearables, and her signature succulent jewelry.
Jul 21 | 1 min read

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