The Outspoken and Simple Style of the Calla Shown by Florists From Around the World

With its unique style and character, calla creates a bigger impact for every bouquet or arrangement. Check out these gorgeous ideas.

By: THURSD. | 23-03-2022 | 3 min read
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Header - Calla Inspiration for Simply Calla - on Thursd

Simply Calla is an initiative that not only allows the growers to show their amazing products, it also allows them to demonstrate to florists, garden centers, and other retailers how to best use them. It is a source of inspiration for the creation of interesting combinations of callas with other beautiful flowers and plants. Going the extra mile and showing the calla to its best in inspirational pictures and Insta accounts is one of the goals of Simply Calla. Enjoy this collage.

The Outspoken and Simple Style of the Calla

Callas have a way to give a peaceful feeling; they are modern and unique and they come in various colors. With their sleek and elegant pliable stems, they are easily curved into graceful silhouettes. The delicate blooms should be handled with care. Simply Calla is an inspiration platform for florists, garden centers, growers, wholesalers, and other horticulture professionals. The outspoken and simple style of calla is shown here by florists from around the world. It's available year-round, Callas stay fresh for 7 to 10 days. 

Calla Inspiration

What better way to show you the beauty of this elegant flower than to share pictures of designs with calla from florists around the globe. 

1. Lewis Miller - known for his street designs in the city of New York - uses this flower amongst others. It brings us to his book 'Flower Flash', one of our Thursd top 10 books to read. 

Lewis Miller Design, New York USA


2. Yuji Kobayashi became famous in 2012 with his flower art collection book 'Tokyo Flowers'. Flawless technique and the use of nothing but first-class materials like callas results in floral arrangements bordering on perfection.

Yuji Kobayashi, Japan


Modern Design With Calla by Yuji Kobayashi - on Thursd


3. In Romania Anca Ungureanu is well known as a wedding florist. And she has greenhouses in the Bucharest area. Anca is in love with flowers and that shows in everything she does.

Anca Ungureanu, Romania


Design by Anca Ungureanu with Ornithogalum and Calla - on Thursd


4. Diana Toma moved to Belgium from her country of birth Romania. Her involvement in the European Master Certification Program (EMC) and her love for Belgian culture brought her to do this with her family. She's also graduated as an EMC floral designer. 

Diana Toma, Romania


Arrangement with Calla by Diana Toma - on Thursd


5. This Korean Instagram artist @__byyang likes to create with a variety of flowers. The calla in this bouquet makes it special.

By Yang, Korea


Dark Calla with Combination of flowers - on Thursd


6. Through the special style and lines Marginal Flowers is known for, their callas are often perfect flowers to use.

Marginal Flower, Turkey


Calla bouquet by Marginal Flowers - on Thursd


Maria Elisa Maxit is a fine art floral designer creating floral art for clients who value design, beauty, family, art, globetrotting, and celebrating with the best party of their lives. 

7. Maxit Flower Design, Texas, USA



8. Flora Elegant, Quebec, Canada


Flora Elegant Maria Elisa Maxit Calla - on Thursd


9. Black Calla Events, Washington, USA


Black Calla Events Centerpiece design with calla - on Thursd


10. Aneta Floristka, Czech Republic



11. Susan McLeary is a floral designer, artist, and instructor who creates unusual, boundary-pushing floral art including elaborate headpieces, floral wearables, and her signature succulent jewelry. Her soulful, seasonally-inspired creations have been described as an exquisite living artwork.

Passion Flower Sue, Michigan, USA



12. Hitomi Gilliam showcases the beauty of the Calla. Inspired by the Art Nouveau/Deco Gingko leaves, Hitomi Gilliam features the beautiful calla in all its glory in one of her linear hand-tied bouquets.

Hitomi Gilliam, Canada


Hitomi Gilliam bouquet with Calla - Simply Calla - on Thursd


13. Julie Lavie Photography, France 


Floral shoes with calla Julie Lavie Photography - on Thursd


14. Waltz Floral World, Miami, USA


White Calla Waltz Floral World - on Thursd


15. Sunglow Flower, Germany


Calla design with amaranth by Sunglow Flower on Thursd


16. Biophilia Blooms, Australia


Biophilia Blooms Calla - On Thursd


17. The Flower Hat, Montana, USA


The Flower Hat - on Thursd


Inspiration by Simply Calla

Don't know where to begin to get more information and ideas about the stylish calla? Just visit Simply Calla, the inspiration platform for florists, garden centers, growers, wholesalers, and other horticulture professionals. It is a joint promotional initiative of all growers and breeders of zantedeschias and aethiopicas and is supported by the growers of the Captain Select group.



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