A Bohemian Bridal Arch Full of Inspiration With Rose Suplesse

This is my design for a summery outdoor wedding

By: YUVERTA | 31-08-2021 | 3 min read
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As an 18 years old student, I am very excited to be able to participate in the educational project by Thursd and Decofresh Roses to show my creativity with a beautiful new rose variety called Suplesse. In my design, I depict a bridal arch for a summer outdoor wedding in Bohemian style. I have wanted to make this for a long time because later, when I have my own company, I also want to work on locations with flowers, for example for weddings.

This Is What I Want To Do!

My name is Simone Schrooten and I am 18 years I follow the Flower, Green & Styling Education level 3 at Yuverta College in Den Bosch, Netherlands. I do this with great pleasure and of course with passion! As soon as I have obtained my flower, green and styling level 3 diploma, I would also like to follow level 4 so that I can eventually start my own company. That would seem fantastic to me.   A Bohemian Bridal Arch Full of Inspiration With Rose Suplesse by Simone Schrooten quote   To be honest, when this project was presented at school, I didn't immediately think of joining it. This is because I don't know myself very well in the floral world yet and I wondered if I would be good enough to participate in this project. That was until I thought "Why not!?", so I signed up and took up the challenge to make something beautiful out of it. So, I entered the project to discover what I can do with flowers. I already have the necessary work experience through internship and work. During my first internship, I immediately thought "This is what I want to do!", and so I persevered. I also noticed that every florist has a specialty, and I wanted to discover mine. As soon as I am working with flowers I put all my other thoughts aside, and I go completely wild with these flowers, showing my creativity in the floral arrangements I make at school, at work, during my internship, at home, and for people who order something from me.  

A Bohemian Bridal Arch

My first thought when seeing the rose was: "Wow!" The color of rose Suplesse really appealed to me because I really like the color gradient from cream to light pink. When I see this rose, I get a summery feeling. That's why I immediately thought of a warm summer day when you sit on a terrace with summer hits in the background, and you sing along with friends. I mixed this outdoor feeling with a wedding. In this design, I depict a bridal arch for a summer outdoor wedding in Bohemian style. This was also the first design idea that I had. I have access to plenty of materials, so I could make something big that attracts attention. When I have something in mind, I want to go for it with 100% and make it perfect down to the last detail.   A Bohemian Bridal Arch Full of Inspiration With Rose Suplesse - Simone Schrooten   I put a lot of time into the construction beforehand. Together with my father, I made a sturdy construction of wood for the flower arrangements. I have also given two types of leaf, aspidistra and palm leaf, a different color so that it fits nicely with the atmosphere and of course with the rose. I added the callas, eucalyptus, plumes, and cow parsley to emphasize the summer atmosphere and enhance the wedding feeling. I didn't want to use too many other materials because, of course, this design is all about the Suplesse rose. It had to attract attention, a real eye-catcher. I am grateful to Decofresh and Thursd for this opportunity to further develop myself and of course to exhibit the Suplesse rose in this way.  

A Bohemian Bridal Arch Full of Inspiration With Rose Suplesse by Simone Schrooten

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I share some of my work and inspiration on Instagram: flowers_by_simone_. Practical support/ advice: Coby van Otterdijk. Styling & photography: Elfi Voermans. Textual guidance/editing: Ruud Teutelink Rose Suplesse Cut flower on Thursd Buy these roses at Deofresh Button on Thursd

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