A Floral Shoot With Colorful Lathyrus

I completely changed my mind about this flower

By: ALINA NEACSA | 04-06-2021 | 2 min read
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I think every florist will agree with me when I say that since the beginning of my floral career, there were certain flowers that I absolutely loved but also others that I didn't like at all - for different reasons-  and simply avoided working with.

Lathyrus - One of the Flowers That I Always Avoided

Lathyrus was one of those flowers that I just avoided. Every time I tried working with it, incorporating it into my designs, they either were of low-quality or didn't last long enough for me to use them in bridal bouquets and other arrangements.  

  A Floral Shoot With Colorful Lathyrus odoratus   Back then - or more accurately, until last week - I had the wrong impression of this flower. They were too expensive and too fragile so I figured they just weren't worth the money. Even my flower supplier avoided stocking up on lathyrus because of the aforementioned reasons and rarely offered this product to their customers.   A Floral Shoot With Colorful Lathyrus Bouquet Design   A Floral Shoot With Colorful Lathyrus Bouquet Design

Pleasantly Suprised by Lathyrus

Now, you can pretty much guess where I'm going with this. I decided to give them another chance. I've always thought of lathyrus as a beautiful, delicate flower and for some reason, it felt like the right time to give them another try.   A Floral Shoot With Colorful Lathyrus Alina Neacsa Floral Designer   And you know what? Surprise, surprise! I received the most stunning lathyrus odoratus and I can honestly tell you that I changed my mind about them. Talk about amazing! Banner on Thursd

Fresh Looking Flowers in Beautiful Colors

With the freshest look I have ever seen in these flowers, a great scent, and beautifully bright and playful colors, the lathyrus from that I tried are exactly the opposite of what I've always thought about them. It's also a super versatile flower that looks good both in bridal bouquets and luxurious arrangements and with that fresh-from-the-garden look, I have to conclude that lathyrus in pretty incredible.  

  I am writing this article one week after receiving the flowers and I need to inform you that from The Netherlands to Romania, it takes two days for the flowers to get here. A week went by and I'm currently still looking at these stunning lathyrus in my home (I'm keeping them at room temperature) which means they are 9 days old now. Wow!   A Floral Shoot With Colorful Lathyrus odoratus bouquet

Lathyrus in High Season

Lathyrus is in high season a the moment and harvests approximately 200.000 stems each day, so you don't have to worry about their availability. Whether you're a florist in Japan or the United States, there's enough of them for florists all over the world. Good to know: harvests around 8 million stems per year, making these flowers available to us almost year-round - from mid-February up to December - in a plethora of colors.     It's safe to conclude that if you are a florist who generally avoids lathyrus as I used to do, maybe it's about time you try them again so you can change your mind too.

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