A Flower Arrangement Class on a Boat to Rediscover the Roman River

Let tourists and locals experience Rome from an unusual prospective

By: FLORITY FAIR | 18-11-2020 | 1 min read
The forgotten Tiber, the “blonde” river that flows through Rome, was the heart of the roman life for a thousand years. Women used it to wash clothes, and many of the buildings had direct access to the water. Almost to the point of looking like a little Venice. There were even ports.   Flower Class on a Boat - Flority Fair- Article on Thursd. - Elba River   In the ’20s the so-called "Muraglioni" were built. These are high stone walls to contain the frequent floods of the river. The relationship between the Romans and the river has gradually been lost over time.

Flower Class on a Boat

Flority Fair gets constantly inspired by the impact of nature within the eternal city, and decided to let tourists and locals experience Rome from an unusual perspective... with a flower class on a boat!   Flower Class on a Boat - Flority Fair- Article on Thursd. - Flowers on Boat   Near the ancient Ara Pacis of Augustus, every month we get inspiration from the dance of fishing ducks, a good glass of Italian wine, and a platter of “aperitivo”.   Flower Class on a Boat - Flority Fair- Article on Thursd. - Drinking aperitivo   We teach the basic techniques to make all the floral accessories: corsages, flower crowns, and much more! Between sunset on the river and a mix of roses and solidago, flowers get involved in bonding chats and cultures.  
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Roses from May to June, tulips for Valentine's Day and dahlias in September, this is FlorityFair's idea of seasonality. Giulia Giontella, an international Chilean lawyer who founded the first italian online portal of slow flowers. . The team is committed to spread flowers across Italy: Napoleon, Asiatic, has a passion for singing between deliveries: it is easy to hear him in the alleys of Rome whistling songs, preferably 1980s. Federico, roman designer, deals with the creation of bouquets and his goal is to bring gerbera back into fashion, helped by Irene, keen on crafts and DIY. The passion of flowers is the thread that unites Flority team.



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