A New Beginning

This is the symbolism of a white rose

By: YUVERTA | 09-12-2020 | 2 min read
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Studying in 2020 at Helicon offers new opportunities. Taking lessons online for six months and being at home a lot encouraged me to think differently. I, Lieke van Leur, got an eye for details and the corona limitations made me more aware of the speed that society has. In addition, I have gained self-knowledge and I have developed a new way of seeing and I appreciate small things in life more. I take this growth into my life. I want to dwell more on the little things.   A New Beginning by Lieke van Leur of Helicon quote

Symbolizing a New Beginning

The symbolism of the white rose is a new beginning. This fact is fantastic to depict in the arrangement I made with the rose Snowstorm+ from Dümmen Orange. A new beginning was my starting point for this project.   A New Beginning by Lieke van Leur of Helicon quote

A Beautiful Winter Day

The Snowstorm is a beautiful white rose that brings a freshness that you cannot ignore. You are shaken up. This freshness reminds me of a winter morning in which the most beautiful shades of blue can be seen. In the photo of my arrangement, I want to show the feeling of a beautiful winter day. In this photo, I want to show an alienating and innovative image in which there is a contrast between two opposites, namely the organic versus the inorganic. The roses and moss are the organic materials. The cloud, as construction around the arrangement, is made of synthetic materials, hence inorganic.  

Lines Made by Nature

I chose the concrete wall as a background because it makes the organic form more visible. The water stains are visible in the concrete, lines made by nature. Here is a bridge to the flower arrangement, in which winding lines have also been added. There is a contrast between the softness of the clouds and the hardness of the concrete. The best thing I have learned recently is to appreciate everyday beauty. I would like to share this beauty with you through the arrangement in and with this image. Lieke van Leur Instagram: lieke.v.leur Follow Helicon Opleidingen MBO on Instagram: @bloemgroenenstyling @meester_in_de_bloemen @heliconmbodenbosch

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