A Tropical Plant Wedding

A truly sustainable souvenir of a lovely event

By: SARAH DIKKER | 27-05-2020 | 4 min read
What if you would be able to let all of the wedding guests return home with one of the tropical plants you decorated the wedding venue with? Wow! I would love to take one home. That would be a truly sustainable souvenir of a lovely event, right? Here's how I visualize the perfect and sustainable tropical plant wedding.

The Perfect and Sustainable Tropical Plant Wedding

A Tropical Plant Wedding Plants purify the air and are very durable. This is common knowledge. So, how to translate this to modern times and events like weddings? Simply by choosing plants instead of flowers. This way you can give all the decoration of your wedding to the guests after the party. No waste, but a lot of fun and also a super nice keepsake. Plus the realization that that plant can be in all living rooms for a long time afterward as a reminder of a great day. The nice thing is that the plant also provides health for your friends and family, exactly what you wish for when you exchanged the vows for a prosperous and long-lasting marriage.  
A Tropical Plant Wedding Plants by Air So Pure

Tired of Boring Weddings

But back to the event itself. As standard, this consists of cozy long dining, good wine, and good food. These are of course facets that should suit you as a couple. But in all honesty, with the arrival of COVID-19, I think we ought to reinvent marriage as we know it now! The whole structure, but also the boring handshaking and sitting in circles... I am tired of that. And that's why you should feel free to design your wedding or your party the way you want it! After all, there is no blueprint, because this party is simply about love and about you and your partner. I still think it's crazy that this is done about the same every time, while every love and every person is different. Anyway, the decoration of the party can certainly be something different. The pink ball as a bridal bouquet has been old-fashioned for a long time. And what about those romantic arches full of flowers... for an hour of fun? I think we should start thinking about how to make sustainable, yet beautiful decorations. An example: I am a huge plant nerd and I think that these should definitely be part of a wedding.  
A Tropical Plant Wedding Sarah working with Air So Pure Plants at VDE Plant

Corona Proof Decorations

How do you make a wedding table corona proof, if you prefer not to put down plastic walls? I am a bit tired of all that plastic, and plants can wonderfully serve as a divider in a room or on the table. We can easily adjust this with plants. So here are some tips:

Green Is Gorgeous for Weddings

There is nothing as gorgeous as green, the color of peace and health. Perfect for your special event or wedding. Or simply at home. Plants can easily be the center of all this. They make you feel like being in an oasis. And it is very healthy too. Don't be afraid to try it!   A Tropical Plant Wedding
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Sarah Dikker

Sarah Dikker is a passionate master florist from Utrecht. Since 2009 she has become a leading phenomenon in the flower and plant sector. At home and abroad she inspires companies and organizations with her creative and innovative concepts in the field of interior and lifestyle. All Sarah Dikker's projects and concepts are inextricably linked to flowers and plants. Sarah: "Flowers and plants are so much more than beautiful bouquets. They tell a story with emotion, brighten lives, and offer unprecedented possibilities in countless areas."



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