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VDE Plant is a real family business located in the beautiful countryside just outside the Dutch town of Woubrugge. ‘VDE’ stands for ‘Van Der Eijk’, the family name of the company’s founders. Today, the third generation is running the business: brother and sister Karin and Edwin van der Eijk together with their partner, Hein Visser. Ever since 1948, their company has worked together with their employees who, like them, are committed to growing the most beautiful tropical houseplants for consumers. Today, health issues are more important than ever to consumers. Plants are considered part of a healthy lifestyle. Their capacity for purifying the air means that plants contribute to a healthy living climate at home or at the office. VDE Plant grows many of these air-purifying plants that they would like to introduce you. VDE Plant grows many of these air-purifying plants that they would like to introduce to you. Their modern nursery in the Dutch province of South Holland uses eco-friendly methods to grow the most beautiful houseplants all year round. They believe in the importance of treating our environment with respect, so they do everything they can to reduce any impact we might have on the environment. They don’t use any more energy and raw materials than absolutely necessary. VDE plant works closely with Koppert Biological Systems, a company dedicated to contributing to the better health of people and the planet by working with nature to improve crop resilience. By working systematically, they minimise any unpleasant surprises we might encounter during cultivation so that they can also minimise our use of chemical substances. In this way, they are responding to what their customers want in regard to ever stricter environmental requirements.

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VDE Plant Oudendijkseweg 5, 2481 KE Woubrugge, Nederland

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