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Friendships and passion are main stage acts for Arteflorando and Leverano in Fiore.

By: REGINE MOTMANS | 06-06-2024 | 5 min read
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Leverano in Fiore

You know how life can be such a rat race. In many moments of that race, I feel awfully blessed! And thankful.

Last week I went to Leverano in Fiore and I enjoyed our floral world. Ivan Bergh, Claudia Kla, Anna Maria Spedicato, Francesco Durante, Eleonora Comuzzi, and the village of Leverano, bring together this international group of people, where only a few things are important: to create magic with flowers sharing their passion for what they do, and learn from each other. And I’ve got the privilege to attend, together with my colleague Rubinca Boita.

With Thursd. we could see the golden moments the organization created for this group as well as for the 120K visitors in three days. The city of Leverano, Italy, is vibrant and alive with many young people, all the producers of Salento and its surroundings. Flowers are the center of attention in Leverano, and people, friends, and family, and guess what, also for me those are the most important things.

Seeing Ivan, Claudia, Eleonora, Annamaria, and Francesco back made me realize again what a strong industry we have if we collaborate. And that's exactly what we do with myThursd, we bring growers and breeders, wholesalers and exporters, in direct connection to floral designers and all other creatives. Happy with the village of Leverano, getting all those people together.

All Connected in Leverano in Fiore

The 2024 edition of Leverano in Fiore focused on the theme 'Roots/Radici' and promoted the message 'No to the Mafia'. Organized by the association chaired by Antonio Paglialunga and supervised by Sandro Leone, this event is held in collaboration with the Ivan Bergh Floral School, the town of Leverano, Anna Maria Spedicato, and Francesco Durante, and many smaller organizations. The festival involves 300 local horticulturalists and 130 floral designers who come to Leverano to compete in Arteflorando or to do an installation to decorate the city. 


Main Stage Leverano in Fiori


Competitions and Awards

Local companies were highlighted through the Leverano in Fiore Award. The Youth Group of Leverano in Fiore has organized a social contest awarding the most popular floral sculpture and a podcast with a radio station. And of course, you had the international competition Arteflorando, one of the highlights of this festival. There were 13 competitors and 3 tasks to fulfill.

The first was 'Arteflorando 10 Years Jubilee'. Two more surprise tasks made it difficult for the judging committee: President Marios Vallianos, Simon Ogrizek (Florint), Tomasz Max Kuczynski, Morgan Nuth, and Ahti Lyra. And last but not least: Technical Judge Eleonora Comuzzi. But they did it and the winner of Arteflorando was Zygmunt Sieradzan from Poland. 

Winners Cut Flower Producers Salento Area Leverano in Fiori
Winners Cut Flower Producers Salento Area Leverano in Fiore

Winning Team Poland Zygmunt Sieradzan Arteflorando
Winning Team Poland Zygmunt Sieradzan Arteflorando
Winning Design Zygmunt Sieradzan Poland for Arteflorando
Winning Design Zygmunt Sieradzan Poland for Arteflorando


Musical Events and Entertainment

The festival featured a variety of musical performances, that only made the experience better. Additionally, a large 'cassarmonica' was set up in Piazza Roma by Marianlo Lights to host live performances by florist artists. A new food area has been introduced for the 2024 edition in Via Mayor Caracciolo.On Saturday and Sunday mornings, there were demonstrations on the main stage. Especially the demonstrations on Sunday by 10 Floral Fundamental ambassadors were more than an extra value.


Regine Motmans and Anna Maria Spedicato at Leverano in Fiori
Organizing Strong Force Anna Maria Spedicato and Regine
Regine Motmans and Eleonora Comuzzi Technical Judge
Technical Judge Eleonora Comuzzi and Regine

Conference on the 1st of June

A conference on June 1, 2024, focused on 'The District and the Development Opportunities of the Floral Nursing Chain in Puglia', organized by the Apulian horticultural district. Esteemed speakers, including mayors, association presidents, and academic experts, discussed sector-related topics. The conference was moderated by journalist Dr. Rocco De Vito.


Complete Program

For you to have an idea how what this event looks like, here's the program.

Friday, May 31, 2024

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Participating Nations and Teams

Teams from Poland, China, France, Ukraine, Japan, Latvia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Mexico, Hungary, Croatia, Netherlands, Moldova, Singapore, and Italy participated. Competitors in the Arteflorando competition include teams from various countries, showcasing their floral artistry.


Celebrating Floristry

The 10th edition of Arteflorando at Leverano in Fiore 2024 will be marked by a spirit of friendship, collaboration, and creativity. The event brings together master florists from around the world, including European champions and floral ambassadors, to transform the streets and alleys of Leverano with their art. The Ivan Bergh Floral School, along with international florists, ensured the historic center was adorned with vibrant floral designs. I must say I enjoyed every minute of being there.

Organizer Arteflorando Ivan Berghella from Ivan Bergh Floral School and Regine
Organizer Arteflorando Ivan Berghella from Ivan Bergh Floral School and Regine
Growth Hacker Rubinca Boita at Thursd and Regine Motmans Floral Connector at Thursd
Growth Hacker Rubinca Boita at Thursd and Regine Motmans Floral Connector at Thursd


Do You Want to Support Leverano in Fiore With Your Flowers?

During the event, the historic center of Leverano is transformed into a flower village. It welcomes visitors from all over Puglia and various European countries, ready to be amazed by the spectacular flower arrangements that enrich everyone.

The alleys, the streets, and many historic houses are decorated with flowers. 'Leverano in Fiore' is an absolute triumph of colors and scents. Are you one of the growers or breeders who would like to have your flowers or plants in that authentic city? Contact [email protected] or just go to and create your account as an advertiser. Pitch on the project of Ivan Bergh, and YESS, your flowers can meet a fabulous group of floral designers worldwide, and 100K visitors!

Design China by Xiaming Su for Arteflorando in Leverano
Design China by Xiaming Su for Arteflorando in Leverano


Installation With Naranjo Roses
Installation With Naranjo Roses
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Regine Motmans

"I'm a mom of three boys named Dennis, Jarne, and Xander. I'm married to Dominic, and my flower studio Floregineel is my place to get creative now and then. My main focus is on and myThursd as their Floral Connector. I love to travel to floral events, connect, create opportunities, and win-wins. And in the process write about the events, promote them in advance, and cover them. I'm good at Socials, I'm a trendsetter, and always looking into the future. 

Flowers make everything more beautiful, but also music. I love to sing and dance. In fact, I love life, I love the sun, I love my family and friends, I enjoy the big but also the little things."





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