Leverano in Fiore
All for Leverano in Fiore Friendships and passion are main stage acts for Arteflorando and Leverano in Fiore.
Jun 06 | 5 min read
Natallia Sakalova and Her Subtle Art Work for Leverano in Fiori
Imagination and Inspiration in Leverano Come to Leverano in Fiore and check out how in the evening, in those typical little alleys, the rays of sunlight and the air make you dream away...
May 28 | 2 min read
Leverano in Fiore and Arteflorando - The Perfect Place for Your Flowers Floral designers from many countries come to Italy to help decorate the city under the guidance of Anna Maria Spedicato, and Ivan Bergh. And thousands of visitors enjoy the result.
May 15 | 5 min read
Yes We Did - We came Back to Win Arteflorando in Leverano - Blog by Sanita Cipruse on Thursd - Featured
Yes We Did! We Came Back to Win Arteflorando - the Competition in Leverano My inspiration comes from nature. Every time I put flower and any kind of natural element together it feels special. It feels like flowers have returned where they belong - home.
Splendor in Your Homes With Spider Gerbera From Decorum Ivan Bergh designs with these colorful gerberas from Decorum, showing his students that spiders are great to work with

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