These Impressive & Beautiful Lilies Give Your Party Table an Extra Dimension!

For my designs, I chose a natural bouquet & table flowers in warm earth tones.

By: ANNICK MERTENS | 29-11-2023 | 2 min read
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Anick Mertens Bredefleur

I made some arrangements for the holidays. For my designs, I chose a natural bouquet & table flowers in warm earth tones.

The Bouquet

The mix of the Lily Dark Secret variety (smaller calyx) and the Lily Pokerface variety (larger calyx) gives you beautiful color nuances. The lilies were accompanied by pinus, rose hips, holly branches, limonium gold, lentisco eggplant, and mossy branches.


Annick Mertens Bredefleur quote

Annick Mertens lily bouquet

Annick Mertens lily bouquet Bredefleur


Table Flower Arrangements

On a base of oasis, I finished the surface with moss, around which copper-colored asparagus was bound. I incorporated golden eucalyptus berries and pine cones between the lilies.

In the white tones, I opted for simple & sleek flower arrangements with the Lily Santander variety (beautiful full large bud) and majestic bouquets with the mix of Lily Santander (large flower bud) and the Lily Bach Supra (smaller flower bud). Ideal for use as company flower arrangements.

Lilies work perfectly solo on a reception desk. Process them between some branches, limonium or a berry variety and they will tell their story.


Annick Mertens lily table design Bredefleur

Annick Mertens lily table design


The Striking Presence of Lilies

You just can't ignore it... lilies are flowers with a striking presence. They work theatrically, steal the show everywhere, and have the leading role in every mix of flower arrangements. No words are needed.

I like working with lilies because it is a flower that presents itself beautifully in modern, classic, exotic, bohemian, and solo flower arrangements. My trendy field bouquets always include a lily as a fixed value flower.

Lilies are dynamic flowers. With their dense flower buds, I like to use them in modern compositions. The open flowers are ideal for impressive bridal and funeral flower arrangements. Not a fan of the stamens? Cut them out carefully and in time.


In Brief

The impressive & beautiful lilies from Bredefleur give your party table an extra dimension! A top product with top quality, that is how I like to describe the beautiful products from Bredefleur. A delight to work with. Strong stems. Long shelf life. Nice variation.

Greetings from Annick!


Annick Mertens lily pot design with snow

Annick Mertens lily pot design Bredefleur


Bredefleur Lilies

The lilies used in these designs are from grower Bredefleur: Lily Dark Secret, Lily Pokerface, Lily Bach, and Lily Santander.


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Annick Mertens

Despite her degree in agriculture and horticulture, Annick chose her greatest passion: flowers! In 2003 she opened her own flower shop 'Onverbloemd' in Verrebroek, Belgium.

Annick designs creative flower arrangements with her own style, soft colors, feminine, fairytale, natural and pure creations. Her goal is to teach young and old the love of flowers!



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