Blushing Bride and Peonies on the Rooftop of a Church to Celebrate the Perfect Wedding

"I saw the love between these two people and it was my goal to make them feel as if it was their own fairytale. A magical day with family and friends in a very special setting."

By: KRISTINA RIMIENE | 21-06-2022 | 3 min read
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Blushing Bride and Peonies on the Rooftop of a Church to Celebrate the Perfect Wedding - on Thursd - Header

Many brides expect to feel like in a fairytale on their wedding day. And this is very natural because people expect to create a new family only once in a lifetime. And usually, only those couples get married who love each other and are firmly convinced that they are bound by something special to be ready to follow the path of life from now on together for the rest of their lives. Such relationships experience not only thousands of spectacular, romantic moments but also many challenging trials. To create this dreamy atmosphere on the rooftop of a church with Protea Blushing Bride and Peonies was a nice challenge too, but I loved it.

Blushing Bride and Peonies to Celebrate the Perfect Wedding

So, it is perfectly normal to want to enter into a marriage by marking this day in some special way. Some want a huge feast with thousands of flowers, while others need a modest ceremony, but in a special place. For example, this marriage took place on the rooftop of a church in the heart of the old town of Lithuanian city Kaunas. Where the blue of the sky above the roofs of the city houses allows you to feel a special connection with the Universe. And you realize that everything depends on the efforts that can make that new journey as light as those white fluffy clouds floating in the sky. Perhaps this is why the bride wanted the dominance of white in her wedding floral decor. Only combined with greens and the beautiful Protea Blushing Bride from Zuluflora.


Quote Kristina Rimiene Protea Blushing Bride Zuluflora - on Thursd


Arch With Protea Blushing Bride from Zuluflora in a Blog by Kristina Rimiene - on Thursd


Choice of Flowers

Beautiful white peonies were chosen as the focal flower. But in fact, one or two varieties of a flower don’t let a master have the widest freedom for his or her creativity. So, it was a timely idea to merge peonies and the Protea Blushing Bride (botanical name: Serruria Florida) flowers into the same design to have more depth, more pattern, and more tints of white color.



Flower Bracelets with Protea Blushing Bride - on Thursd


Protea Blushing Bride

The season of Blushing Bride proteas has just begun, so those beautiful flowers were delivered from South Africa as this year's first Zuluflora harvests. It was perfect to have this exceptional flower for a floral design of a wedding since it sometimes might be a struggle for some florists to offer something interesting and new when the wedding season is coming to its middle or an end. Even girls from my team couldn’t stop admiring the uniqueness of this beautiful flower, which indeed is not so often used in Lithuania. Furthermore, this charming member of the Proteaceae family made it possible to reinforce the impression of the cloudiness of the floral decoration.


Wedding Ceremony on a Rooftop - on Thursd


Blushing Bride in our Arch

A nice ceremony took place at the arch decorated with different kinds of greenery, white peonies, roses, lisianthus, and our exceptional proteas Blushing Bride. That appeared to be a good solution creating an interesting texture and depth of the composition. Eight bride’s maids with emerald dresses were adorned with flower bracelets of an impressive size peony and the subtle touch of Blushing Brides. These were accompanied by as many as 11 groomsmen wearing on their chests a delicate boutonnière. Undoubtedly, the most important focus was put on the hand-tied bridal bouquet where proteas with their subtle shape and color complemented the beautiful peony buds and played their special role for one more time.


Wedding Ceremony at the Arch With Protea Blushing Bride and Peonies - Blog by Kristina Rimiene on Thursd


Flower Bracelets With Protea Blushing Bride and Peonies and the Corsage on Thursd


Protea Blushing Bride Sprayroses and White Peonies in a Bracelet Blog by Kristina Rimiene on Thursd


Postponed Due to COVID-19

This particular wedding due to the COVID-19 situation has already been postponed three times and only almost three years later the dream of a happy bride has finally come true. Surrounded by a blue sky, white flowers, the family, and the most precious friends from a distance, who could finally witness, a couple of two young loving hearts have joined for a special "long and a happy" path. Let the white clouds that surrounded their wedding day accompany their steps together for a lifetime too!


Protea Blushing Bride and White Peonies in an Arch Blog by Kristina Rimiene on Thursd


Protea Blushing Bride, Spray Roses, and White Peonies for the Corsages Blog by Kristina Rimiene on Thursd

Wedding Bouquet With Protea Blushing Bride, Roses, and Peonies on Thursd - Blog by Kristina Rimiene


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