Can Green Plants Strengthen Your Foundation?

Symbolization of the time spirit by Joe Dirr with Decorum plants

By: JOSEF DIRR | 16-09-2020 | 1 min read

Reflecting the Time Spirit with Green Decorum Plants

How I love the plant collection of Decorum. For me, the brand stands for quality. For this project, I have chosen plants with leaves that have a yellow component or that develop from yellow to green. For me, the foliage or leaves reflect the time spirit, but it also represents how green is beneficial for the soul. Yellow is the color of the sun, and in some cultures, it is the divine color or the color of kings. With my collection of gathered Decorum plants in this color scheme, I started my design.  

Matching Green Materials to Tell my Story

The plants used for this wall are the following:

Combined with a few other matching materials, this gave the right color mix to tell my story.  

The Foundation

The design is placed in the basement of an aging house and is played out on the wall near outdated pipes. The pipes as well as the basement stand symbolically for the foundation. A symbol for the basic supply of many families in this house.  

Love Story

There's a story about love that tells the following. When talking about love with young people, an old couple replies that their generation didn't throw away broken things easily. They would try and fix things, or they would try to change it. To make things better...  

Joe Dirr with Decorum on Thursd
Joe trying to fix nature

Nature's Way

Hasn't nature always shown us that? Aren't we at the point of planning our way through this difficult time? Nature has a way of healing, of survival. After COVID-19, there will still be life. And for sure, there will be flowers and plants. -Josef Dirr

Josef Dirr profile picture
Josef Dirr

Josef Dirr is Vice-Champion of Florists in Baden-Württemberg and winner of the FDF Flower Battle Award at the IPM Essen 2020. He works in Manfred Hoffmann’s creative team, is a speaker/teacher at the Association of German Florists, and is very intensively committed to the work of this association.



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