My Unique Spring Lily Experience as a BFF

Designs with some of the most quality lilies that are highly valued from Bredefleur.

By: CLAUDIA 'KLA' DELLI ROCIOLI | 27-03-2024 | 3 min read
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Claudia Delli Rocioli’s Exquisite Floral Designs With Bredefleur Lilies

I am Claudia Delli Rocioli, many call me 'Kla', a master florist and teacher at the Ivan Bergh International Floral Art School. Thursd has given me the privilege to create designs with these wonderful lilies from Bredefleur. And I am very excited to show you. Great idea, by the way, Bredefleur Friends!

Understanding the importance of influencing more deeply in a world where attention is so short. Blogging on Thursd allows me to share more, for people with just a bit more patience and time. For really connected people!

Well, I Am a Fan of Bredefleur Lilies for Sure!

Amidst the gentle spring breeze that blows through the flowers of a pampas grass, splendid orange Lilium Honesty settles. I like to experiment with different textures, contrasting them in arrangements. I think this gives some excitement and unexpected tension, so people take the time to check what they see. Well, that is what floral design supposedly should do, right?


Lily Designs: Claudia Kla Is a Bredefleur Friend
Lilium Honesty and pampas grass in a floral design.


The idea to be the friend of a grower is so cool, I now look at the lilies provided in a completely different way. I never going to see it in any other way. Bredefleur, I am your friend, and your lilies are my besties.

I have the feeling this design conveys something special; the intense and vibrant color energizes us and makes us yearn to be kissed by the sun. To me, the elements of this design blend perfectly in a dancing harmony of flowers and "feathers." Everything is perfect in anticipation of the summer sun.

Do you feel it? I do!


Lily Designs: Claudia Kla Is a Bredefleur Friend


An Embroidered Bouquet With Yellow Lilies

A second design I am fond of is in yellow. The sun shines through the golden petals of the intense Lilium Rodin, a bright and radiant yellow. Perfect for creating a magical harmony with the beautifully handcrafted weave, I love creating structures and designs that are perfect in every detail. And make something different, something special. Something secret?

Some see a single Dahlia, I see my friends at Bredefleur's circling the center which is the sun. The almighty sun. And what better than a sunny bouquet to warm the heart during the first days of spring? 

It is indeed this time of year that people are open to new friendships, new love, new beginnings. The spring-yellow of this lily Rodin of Bredefleur is the perfect fit for spring. 


Lily Designs: Claudia Kla Is a Bredefleur Friend

Lily Designs: Claudia Kla Is a Bredefleur Friend
Lilium Rodin feature in this embroidered bouquet



A Jewel Made of My Friend's Lilies

The beauty of the Lily Trebbiano could only ignite in me the desire for a unique and precious design... What could be better than a floral jewel... precious petals of a voluptuous flower with an icy color... harmonize perfectly with the chosen elements to make a spring evening on an Italian beach truly unique.

The challenge when growers ask you to create is always, how far should you go, how different must I be? Showing a bunch of lilies in a vase is something many can do. But this? Can you? 

For sure you can!

I hope to give some inspiration to you to show what more lilies can be.



Lily Designs: Claudia Kla Is a Bredefleur Friend
Lily Trebbiano and other elements in a floral jewel


The exquisiteness of the Lily Trebbiano could only heighten my longing for summer... What could be more exquisite than the priceless petals of a sensual flower with a cool hue? They blend in flawlessly with the selected components to create an incredibly one-of-a-kind spring evening on an Italian beach.

Thank you Bredefleur for allowing me to meet new friends, and getting amazed by your amazing lilies. Until next time?


Lily Designs: Claudia Kla Is a Bredefleur Friend



The lilies used in these designs are Lily Honesty, Lily Rodin, and Lily Trebbiano.


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Claudia 'Kla' Delli Rocioli

Claudia, by many called Kla, is a master florist at the Ivan Bergh Flower School in Pescara, Italy.



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