This Is My Approach to Content Marketing

Using feeling and intuition as a compass has brought me a long way.

By: NATASJA MIRONOVA | 09-08-2023 | 3 min read
How It Works
Natasja Mironova and Steef van Adrichem

This is a blog about my approach to communication and marketing, about how I learned about the importance of good and honest content marketing. For floral designers and florists the word 'marketing' may sound abstract, distant, maybe even shady. But you should be aware that every florist, just like every company, that presents itself in one way or the other, is doing a form of 'marketing. And that if you are communicating discretely about your work and yourself that is a form of content marketing already.

My journey started with understanding cultural differences and learning how to connect people and businesses. I've used my feelings and intuition along with practical insights to guide my decisions. Now, I help my clients find value in being authentic in their communication. In this blog, we'll look at content marketing, where the personal touch can make all the difference. So, if you want to know how a mix of facts and personal feelings might help your company, keep reading.

Feeling vs. Analysis

Over the years I have developed myself in the field of marketing, communication, and PR. At first, I had a lot to do with cultural differences in communication. I tried to form a bridge between Russian-speaking communities, people, and companies on the one hand, and people, companies, and groups in the Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg) on the other. That was an instructive start for me in this field, in which I had to make conscious choices to bridge cultural differences, for example.


content marketing


Content marketing


I made those choices partly on the basis of my feeling and intuition. In addition, of course, to concrete analyses and insights. Using feeling and intuition as a compass has brought me a long way. It works well, as long as you stay connected to the concrete situation.

Showing Who You Are as Added Value

Now I also try to show my clients that using intuition and showing more of who you are can really have added value in communication. In communication with your partners, with your suppliers, with your customers.


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Only when I was working on this did it become clear to me that I was actually involved in content marketing, among other things. And therefore, I have delved deeper into that. This is how intuition, feeling, and a structural approach came together naturally. It was an interesting experience to see that what you start with a feeling can also have a structural basis on which you can build onward.

I also try to convey this idea and this experience to my customers. I want to inspire them to show more about themselves, their company, and their products based on their own feelings. For example, they promote and communicate in a form that is in line with what is called content marketing.


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Content Marketing Is You

Content marketing is a general and comprehensive concept. The core is that communication about a brand, a company, or a product is about the content. That content can be in text, photo, video, graphic design, or whatever you can think of. Content is key. Content Marketing is you.

Content is distinctive if you allow feeling, intuition, and something of yourself into it. What is the background of a company? Why do the people in that company do what they do? How did a brand come about? With what idea did a new product come about?


Content marketing


Showing that content and telling those stories makes all the difference. Not just numbers and hard facts, but also incorporating something from the soft side into communication and PR. I believe that this can lead to more effective marketing and more success for a company. In practice, this also means taking a long breath. Then this approach, which is also my approach, delivers the best result.



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Natasja Mironova

My motto: "The opportunities you can take advantage of go beyond national borders." Creating added value through effective communication. This results in the brands and products of my customers being optimally positioned through influencing, networking, and communication.



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