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By: AN THEUNYNCK | 29-04-2020 | 3 min read
You have been looking forward to it for so long; getting married in the spring or summer of twenty-twenty. It sounded magical and so promising! All preparations have already been discussed: where do we get married, how do we approach it, who do we invite, what day do we choose, where will we have our honeymoon, who will help us, what menu will we have, do we choose for a walking dinner or for a large gastronomic party, which florist and which flowers do we want, which style do we prefer, who will be our witnesses. Getting married is a dream of many (young) couples, a magical moment to celebrate love and it takes months to organize everything in a good way. The magical day is almost there. And then, suddenly, an unexpected enemy arrives - Corona - and your dream shatters into pieces!
What now?
The symbolic meaning of marriage is saying that you love your loved one and that you want to share your life with him/her for the community of family and friends. And now suddenly it has to be without family and friends?
Corona Wedding - Blog by An Theunynck for Thursd
Photo: Kurt Vercamer
So, don't get married in 2020? Postpone the big family and friends party to 2021?
That Seems Like the Best Solution!
Because even if we may organize parties again this summer - if everything goes smoothly - it will be different. No hugs, kisses and warm congratulations but distant congratulations, distant waving, social distancing. This is not exactly what you were dreaming about. A wedding must be something you can look back on with great pleasure years later. It is so important to have beautiful souvenirs.
Corona Wedding - Blog by An Theunynck on Thursd
Photo: Kurt Vercamer
So, the best plan seems to be looking for the best solution together with all service providers. Can we keep the party venue until the next date, can we still adjust the invitations, is the church still free, can we keep all possible reservations for the date + 1 year?
But you're not going to let Covid-19 completely thwart all your plans, are you?
No, you shouldn't let that happen. You can't just let that day go by. Make your planned day a special one.
5 Tips!
Tip 1: Invite your friends to a cyber aperitif? It doesn’t cost anything 😊! Everyone drinks its own champagne and eats its own snacks. Did you know that online (video)chat services can invite up to 450 people? Install a large screen in your home or garden and enjoy social distancing hugs, warm congratulations and jokes. Tip 2: Put on your best clothes! Not your wedding dress or suit, of course, but something sunny that makes you look radiant! Tip 3: Prepare one of your favourite dishes in advance or order a delicious menu! In this way, you can relax after your video chats. Tip 4: A very important one! Decorate your house with flowers. Flowers are mood-makers. They just make you happy! They provide a festive feeling. In every room of your home, in every corner, fits a nice bouquet or fine creation. You can decorate them with love messages for each other to read. You can choose your favourite flowers. White flowers bring you a wonderfully fresh, pure atmosphere, pastel shades provide softness and bright colors bring happiness. A small bridal bouquet should not be missing! Tip 5: To all family and friends: surprise the ‘bridal couple’ with flowers in these strange times. It is not only the most beautiful way to congratulate but also the most colorful and poetic way to wish them good luck. This way, the originally planned day is guaranteed to be unforgettable!  
Corona Wedding - Blog by An Theunynck - on Thursd
Photo: Kurt Vercamer
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