A Tale of Romantic Rustic Elegance Using Danziger's Enchanté™

I loved the outcome of this design very much. It shows colors, textures and the beauty of floral design.

By: KATYA HUTTER | 19-04-2024 | 3 min read
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Danziger's Enchanté used to decorate spaces

As a flower inamorata, there's nothing I enjoy and love more than creating and designing with flowers. This gives me the chance to explore my creativity in the flower world as well as expose designs that catch the attention of many flower aficionados around the world. Through my skills and creativity, I recently used Danziger's Enchanté™ to impress and please the sense of the eyes.

My Experience Creating the Dreamy Installation Using Danziger's Enchanté™

In this table setup I created, the Danzinger Enchanté™ took center stage. Utilizing biodegradable floral foam for ground arrangements and chicken wire for the hanging cloud, I designed a rivetting floral display. To complement the setup, I made a hand-tied bouquet adorned with a naturally hand-dyed silk ribbon by Rachel from Pomegranate Colours, which added an artistic touch, featuring tones of purple, yellow, and peach that harmonized beautifully with the installation.


Design using Danziger Enchante Limonium
Part of the floral display I created using Danziger's Enchanté™


Table setting using purple limonium


The setup's cozy, rustic atmosphere was created by the purposeful use of color to highlight the Enchanté's purple tones against a light terracotta backdrop. The general aesthetic was enchanted by light yellow accents and natural linen shades, which created a cozy, romantic, and welcoming ambiance.


Details of a perfect installation using limonium by Danziger
Details of a perfect floral installation using purple Enchanté™


Rustic Styling Combined With Flower Design

Carefully chosen to create the ideal backdrop for the floral design, the rustic styling includes a Japanese table runner adorned with patterns of yellow and grey flowers and a premium linen tablecloth from a Ukrainian designer. A beeswax candle in a handcrafted glass candle holder matched the color of the Enchanté™, lending a touch of refinement to the minimalist design.


Katya Hutter exhibiting a limonium bouquet


The main character of my design was, of course, Danzinger's Enchanté™ with its secret charm lying in its beautiful full blossoms, possessing a gorgeous deep purple color with faint blue undertones. Elegantly shaped side branches adorn each stem, making them ideal for natural-looking installations and arrangements.

Just a few noteworthy facts about Enchanté™ I think are worth mentioning:

  1. The Enchante™ doesn’t have any odor -  this is quite interesting in comparison to other Limonium.
  2. The flower has a unique structure and a voluminous inflorescence like no other Limonium making it possible for flowers to be interwoven between inflorescences.


Detailed closeup of Enchante Limonium


Enchanté™ by Danziger Has Sturdy Stems for Lasting Beauty

With robust, healthy, and lengthy stems, Danzinger Enchanté™ ensures longevity and resilience, making it ideal for various installations and overall flower designs. Its ability to resist crumbling or breakage keeps water in buckets clean, maintaining the flowers' freshness. The stems are strong and flexible, and, therefore easy to work with as they do not break.


Setup of flower decor with limonium


To prolong the vase life of Danzinger's Enchanté™, a special flower food solution is essential. Through experimentation, it has been proven that treated flowers last significantly longer than those conditioned without flower food. This product also offers versatility in flower arranging, serving as fillers in bouquets or on its own in installations. Its compatibility with Bio floral foam and AgraWool, along with its ease of arrangement in foam-free installations using chicken wire, makes it a great choice to work with.


Happy Katya when designing with flowers


What I can say about my experience working with such an incredible product? Whether Enchanté™ is showcased alone or mixed with other flowers, it showcases charm and loveliness. As I integrated some spring floral arrangements into the table setup, it became evident that the Limonium installation harmonizes seamlessly with other blooms, enriching the setting with a touch of romance and elegance.

See more inspirational designs with the Enchanté™.


Floral Design &  Photography: Katya Hutter @katyahutterfloraldesign.


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Katya Hutter

Katya Hutter is a floral designer based in Amsterdam, specialized in creating luxury and artistic floral decors for private clients, weddings & events, and the fashion industry. Her style is lush, nature-inspired, abundant and surprising. Katya believes that nature inspires better designs, it's a source of great inspiration for her. She received her training in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, in the very heart of the world’s floral industry and has received private lessons and master classes from a brilliant Japanese florist Atsushi Taniguchi in his flower school in Paris. Atsushi’s work has greatly influenced Katya’s ever-evolving style as she continues to refine her skills through continued study. ​Her background, as a fashion stylist, a photo producer and an agent of award winning photographers undoubtably adds an extra dimension to her floristry, successfully balancing commercial considerations whilst maintaining artistic integrity, assuring that her clients get the best possible quality and impeccable service. Katya speaks three languages: Russian, English, Dutch and welcomes clients from Europe and further afield to her creative floral atelier in the heart of Amsterdam.Katya has worked and collaborated with a broad range of companies, private clients, celebrities, magazines and brands including but not limited to Cosmopolitan, Glamour, GQ, In Style, Viva, Collezioni, Wedding, Playboy, Shape, Burda, L’Oreal, Dove, BBDO, Saatchi&Saatchi, Publicis, Sofitel Legend The Grand, Conservatorium Hotel, dancers from The Dutch National Ballet Company.


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