Everything Is Energy

Flowers are not just decorations. They are healing, intelligent, and medicinal. Discover how flowers bring spiritual harmony and balance on a visual and physical level.

By: LUCINDA MARIA | 14-06-2023 | 4 min read
gift of flowers

When I talk about love, I'm not referring to the concept as we humans experience it physically and mentally. Love has been turned into a concept through our eyes and ego.

Love is a concept that takes the form of a red heart or the expression of a red rose. In the commercial manifestation called Valentine's Day and the love sung in songs. From love-longing to love-abandonment. From love wishes to bid farewell in love. It's the concept to which we have attached images and sounds.

All Is Connected, and Everything Is Energy

I'm talking about a larger whole when I talk about love, The love for life, and everything that lives. Because we are all connected. Everything that lives. Animals, insects, grass, and flowers. Trees and Mother Earth herself. Mother Earth has placed an incredibly beautiful cycle in everything that lives. On both macro and micro levels. Whether it's the seasons or the photosynthesis of a plant or tree. The position of the sun and the moon or our own metabolic system. It's a cycle in every small aspect that gives and receives, time and time again. All are driven by life, or rather, life energy. So everything is energy.


Everything is Energy Lucinda Maria van der Ploeg


It's not strange to think that this life energy, a vibration or frequency, can become imbalanced. A frequency can be disrupted. Just like a musical composition (sound production and vibration) can be disrupted by the interference of other sounds. The original composition no longer sounds the way it was meant to be played.

And now, What About Flowers?

You might be wondering what flowers have to do with this. Flowers also have a frequency. As I mentioned, everything that lives has a vibration. When we attune ourselves to the frequency of a flower, it will bring us blessings. Or when we consume this flower or herb, it will restore the frequency to the desired level, bringing imbalance back into balance. In other words, a flower or herb has a healing effect.

We often perceive flowers as decorations. But as I always say:

"Flowers are not mere decorations. They are so much more!"

They are healing, intelligent, and medicinal. I hope that my explanation above conveys the simplicity and ingenuity of Mother Earth.


Flower Arch at Lucinda Maria
Lucinda's flower Arch for guided healing.


The Healing Powers

In addition to guided flower healing for people, I am pursuing studies in the healing power of herbs. Following the ancient healing traditions of TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Eastern medicine has existed for over 3000 years. It is primarily used to maintain good health. The ancient Chinese also used herbs to stay healthy. But it is also used to become healthy. They work with the 5 elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood), the meridians, and pre-heavenly, and post-heavenly energy. Another cycle on which we as humans can navigate and flow.

Coming back to the topic of flowers, I want to share that I have thoroughly inspected my garden for medicinal flowers and herbs. It turns out that we have 10 wild-growing and 20 planted medicinal herbs in the garden! Initially, I thought the planted plants were only for decorative or aromatic purposes. What a delight!

One of them is Horsetail. The dreaded "field pest" among many growers apparently contains a significant amount of silicon, which is beneficial for strengthening bones, nails, and hair. So, it's not just a "pest plant"! Moreover, Horsetail absorbs harmful substances from the soil and transforms them into neutral juices within itself. Thus, Horsetail grows where the soil needs a cleansing. Thought-provoking, isn't it? And what about Ground Ivy? It's an incredibly resilient plant that helps with hay fever, respiratory problems, itching, and skin wounds. Our garden also has Dead-nettle, Stinging Nettle, Ground Elder, Cow Parsley, Dandelion, Greater Celandine, and Comfrey. And if you look around carefully, there is enough for everyone! Because what we perceive as weeds, as they keep coming back in large quantities, Mother Nature says, "Take them in, they will help you. And I'll ensure there's enough for everyone!"


Lucina van der Ploeg


The Gift of Flowers

Mother Nature gives us flowers for multiple reasons. They harmonize on a spiritual level, a visual level, and internally on a physical level. This is the cycle.

As far as I'm concerned, the entire flower industry should be approached and treated at deeper levels than we currently do. I believe many growers understand what I mean. And if any grower feels triggered and experiences resistance, perhaps you have lost touch with this feeling, but deep down, you know this is the reason you became a grower in the first place! In that case, I can only say, reawaken this energy! Because know that it will make the entire industry grow and flourish once again! We have the power in our hands! Continue to honor and appreciate flowers and treat them with respect, no matter which part of the chain you are involved in.

Lucinda Maria profile picture
Lucinda Maria

My drive to help others has been ingrained in me since I was a little girl. I cared for children who were less fortunate, and I was concerned about the environment. I feel that I can help upgrade the flower industry by tapping into an additional layer that flowers bring; combining my experiences, love for fellow humans, high sensitivity, and passion for flowers into a powerful whole.

And use this to help others. To enable them to grow, to feel loved, to feel heard. Seen, embraced, joyful, beautiful, unique, special, and EMPOWERED! But above all, to let them experience the healing power of nature, flowers, and plants.


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