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Growers can improve their branding and quality to your wishes

By: WOUTER JONGKIND | 14-02-2020 | 2 min read
Imagine having to explain the topic ‘trading’ in the flower world to an absolute stranger. What would be the main thing to mention? And what is most important to tell? What happens within the flower chain before flowers actually arrive to your flower shop? I've had this discussion last week during the IPM Essen in Germany, one of the biggest expos in the floral world.  
Flower auction
When a grower produces his flowers, they most likely will be sold during the auction in The Netherlands. Of course, there are growers who sometimes sell their products directly to export companies, but for now let’s say that growers sell it through the flower auction. A few things are happening when the flowers are sold at the flower auction.   Flower growers feedback  
Give feedback
The grower doesn’t know the client that buys the flowers at an auction. Therefor, the grower doesn’t exactly know for what market he is producing the flowers. And most importantly; the grower doesn’t know the price he will be selling the flowers for. Therefore he doesn’t know the segment he is producing the flowers for. So, you can imagine that it is hard to know what type of florists/customers are going to buy their product. Therefore, dear florists, it is really important to share your opinion. Feedback is key. You as a florist have flowers in your shop that sell well and that you and your clients like. The million-dollar question for growers is; why does that particular flower sells better than others? Growers can improve their branding and quality to your wishes. When feedback is given, we can make a better product together!   feedback Producing flowers   The most difficult thing for a grower is getting to know you, which is strange actually. That’s why it is good to share ideas and opinions during flower expos like IPM Essen. My last blog was about the greatest Expos during 2020, let’s meet during one of the flower expos!
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