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Wouter Jongkind

Born and grown up between flowers. Love to see new business and innovation in the flower industry. Currently discovering whole (Eastern) Europe as a Market Manager at Royal Van Zanten.

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Chrysanthemums Chrysanthemum Chic at the Rosa Azora Floristry School Project Romashka Chic inspired by Chrysanthemum Chic.
Jul 29 | 3 min read
Floral Trend Color Who is Going to Adopt the 'Scorched Earth' Theme? A shout-out to the flower industry to embrace the floral trend color and its meaning.
Dec 29 | 3 min read
Never Waste a Good Crisis - the Future of Online in Floriculture Is this the right time to start thinking digitally?
Nov 18 | 3 min read
The Role of Flowers Since Friday the 13th (of March 2020) It looked like a very promising and special year
Sep 23 | 2 min read
Precautions We Take to Protect Flowers and Plants From Tropical Heat What a breeder does to make flowers suitable for hot temperatures
Jul 06 | 3 min read
Hey Pretty Charmelia Flower,... are you open enough?
Jun 12 | 2 min read
The 5 Biggest Evolutions of Flowers The evolution of flowers
May 20 | 2 min read
The Mysterious Black Flowers When it is not in the genes black is not possible
May 13 | 2 min read
Painting Flowers - No, Not on a Canvas Painting flowers can be something educational too
Apr 22 | 3 min read
7 Flower Traditions Around the World The do's and don'ts in the floral world
Mar 17 | 3 min read
Feedback is key Growers can improve their branding and quality to your wishes
Feb 14 | 2 min read
Seven highlighted expos in 2020 the most important and most exciting expo’s to visit this year
Jan 17 | 4 min read
A Flower Wedding Event, in Maratea Style How does a wedding planner gets inspired?
Nov 27 | 2 min read
Seasonal products, all year long Have some patience and the growers and florist will give you the best quality seasonal flowers
Nov 13 | 2 min read
(Szi)Get the Festival Feeling with Flowers! Let's ‘make it easy’ for the young to get connected to flowers and show them flowers in places where they are having a good time?
Sep 20 | 3 min read

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