Feminine Strength in Tenderness

About this crazy Covid time and the strange exam I had to take from my students

By: MONIKA BEBENEK | 05-11-2020 | 4 min read

Under My Guidance

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”
T. Roosevelt   The Blooming Horizons floral school’s Master Class exam took place in September 2020, postponed by six months by the pandemic. An unusual exam, conducted during sanitary restrictions, taken this year by nine women. A challenge and opportunity to express oneself through flowers, to show one’s strength and sensitivity, to summarise an eighteen-month study and obtain the title of floristry master. It was also a time for the students to establish their own style, but also an unusual test of teamwork as well as support provision and taking skills.   Feminine strength in tenderness 19 under the guidance of Monika Bebenek 1- Blog on Thursd      

Do What You Can

We pulled a few strings and reached the magnificent Niemodlin Castle, located near the school, and there, among historic spaces, we showed flowers and their beauty in tenderness, strength, and extraordinariness...

Where You Are

We didn’t search far, we presented earlier spring projects and despite restrictions for visitors, we decided to send a message to the world through a photo session. To show what not everyone could see and attract attention to the strength of flowers, but also to our feminine strength.

With What You Have

Flowers and sensitivity are our strengths, we can express emotions through flowers and we seized this opportunity. We relied on our talents and again used flowers as unusual means of expression.    

It's a Fusion of Strength and Energy

  When we are happy, but also when we suffer, when we are overwhelmed by fear... we reach for flowers. We release emotions in floral work. Naturally and with love for Earth. Through this co-operation, which for me has remarkable value, we established a project that summarises eighteen months of study of women, flower shop, and floral workshop owners, mothers, wives, businesswomen. The time spent in the Blooming Horizons floral school does not only result in the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, it is much more. It is a change in attitude, manner of viewing flowers, all plants, a change in self-perception, through improved self-esteem and discovering talents. It is a restoration of faith in oneself and in one’s strength. It is bridging the gap between women through their passion for flowers. It is a fusion of strength and energy... which we need so much right now.    

Proud to Create a Place Where Women Can Feel Good

  The exam was an extraordinary encounter. A common medication prior to each exam day. A common dance that liberates and strengthens in an unusual way, after which every one of us goes back home, to her work, to her project. And she knows she has power, value and shows it in her works: a bouquet, wedding bouquet, wreath, large form, and mono-genre object. Allowing oneself to be imperfect and accept the situation as it gives courage. When I myself thought of it in the past, I couldn’t believe it. But it is liberating. This allowed us to create the “Feminine strength in tenderness...” project. A common stylization for all wedding bouquets, a floral and photographic project, a view on bouquets in the Niemodlin Castle, a fusion of feminine energy over generations. Flowers. Light. Twilight. Dance. Our power!      

Important to Show Our Strength and Power Through Flowers

We didn’t know in September that the session expresses more. Today, when women’s rights are abused in Poland. We didn’t know that we would be treated as objects... but the sorrow is visible in the session. Now, it is most important for us to show our strength and power. Courage and determination. Right now, using flowers, because flowers are the tool of floristry women. Our strength is combined with sensitivity and tenderness. These are our favorite flower features. Although today there is also anger, we deeply believe that this will change! Support us however you can... through meditation, prayer, energy, or action...       With love Monika Bębenek FEMININE STRENGTH IN TENDERNESS Project: Master Florist Exam Blooming Horizons Floral School/ Poland Designers: Anna Bloch - Wrocław Anna Bednarska - Sosnowiec Katarzyna Dobry - Pszczyna Monika Klocek - Żagań Katarzyna Kowalska - Kleszczów Edyta Korzeniewska - Olesno Klaudia Papierzańska - Strzelin Renata Tabiś - Ciężkowice Olga Ziental - Gdańsk Under the guidance of Monika Bębenek Photographer: Marcin Chruściel Stylization: Monika Bebenek Model: Justyna Manderla Place: Niemodlin Castle  
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Monika Bebenek

Floral designer and floral teacher. Master of floristry, the vice Polish Champion in floristry, and an international judge of floristic art. Owner of the floral school Kwitnące Horyzonty and flower shop Zielona Gęś Floral Art. Teaching people gives me great pleasure and joy. I really like looking at the growth and development of my students and how they are gaining the world acquiring new skills. As a floral designer, also implements large projects in Europe and in the rest of the world. As a floral designer arranges flowers in very beautiful and prestigious places. The most interesting experience of Monika is arranging flowers in the Himalayas or twice at the land art festival in Iceland and Italy, near Venice. Author’s workshops in Mexico, in Kijev, and many places in Poland. Work with the World Champion team on unilateral event projects in India. Monika loves nature, she spends every free moment with loved ones close to nature.



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