Flower Power

Did you already see this picture coming by in your social media feed?

By: ARNOLD WITTKAMP | 19-03-2020 | 2 min read
Flower Power
Did you see this picture coming by in your social media feed? We bet it did! The whole flower industry is facing difficulties at the moment, now demand for flowers and plants has collapsed. With this picture and the Flower Power Hashtag #flowerpower we hope to create awareness that is better to be with flowers and plants, when staying at home in this time of the pandemic of the Corona virus. And we hope more people will visit flower shops, garden centers and supermarkets to purchase more flowers and plants. So download this picture and share Flower Power in your feed!   flower power   We also created a special one for plant lovers, Green P{over (#greenpower) which you can download below:   the whole flower industry is sharing flower power Flowers and plants are scientifically proven to enhance your health. Also when there's no pandemic of course. Share them (both) in your feed to have more consumers buying flowers and plants.
Help the Floral Industry
Connected to this little initiative we also started a petition in which we hope to have 1000's of people sign it to create awareness to the floral industry all over the world. You can see and sign the petition here: The Petition:
Plants and flowers don’t just stop growing!

Give them a home! Or they go to waste.

The floral industry needs support from (local) governments and we ask in this petition to have governments around the world to buy flowers and plants for the people. In quarantine or not.
Flower Power

It is a scientific fact that flowers and plants in the homes of people and at offices enhances people‘s well-being. So, let’s bring the power of the flower to the people and ask our governments to hand them out. Not only to support the floral industry, but also to support all the people who are worried today about the weeks ahead.

Right now, due to the spread of the coronavirus, many people and businesses in floriculture are in a kind of lockdown, not being able to open their flower shops or, as growers, to sell their products. And when they still are in business, growers, florists and wholesalers have difficulties finding the right demand for their products.

Complete productions are being destroyed

Demand for flowers and plants is much smaller than the supply at the moment. As a consequence many growers already have to decide to destroy complete productions. Because harvesting, packing and sending the flowers and plants to market places is more costly than the price they probably will receive, if they can sell it at all.

Flowers and Plants are good for you! They lift your spirit, which will help to fight viruses and diseases.

Arnold Wittkamp

Arnold Wittkamp is a true plant & flower lover with 25 years of experience in the flower industry. He owned a flower shop for over 10 years and worked as a freelancer with top florists. He also did wholesale and import & export of cut flowers and potted plants. Now specialized in (online) marketing and communication strategies Arnold loves to write not only about beautiful flowers but also about marketing & communication strategies for horticultural companies.



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