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By: LUCINDA MARIA | 10-05-2023 | 4 min read
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Flowers... They surround us in every corner of our world. We almost take them for granted. Yet, when we least expect it, a mower comes by, determined to keep our paths, fields, roadsides, and crossings "tidy." As if it's perfectly fine to carelessly cut down a flower in all its glory, without any regard for the life within it.

For me, the life within a flower is just as valuable as the life of a bird or a human. Or the trickling of water, the rolling of the sea, or the rising of the sun. The eruption of a volcano, or the rotation of the earth in the cosmos. Because everything is energy. From large to small.

"For we are all small on earth but great in value."

The Pride of a Flower Grower

When a flower grower walks through his field, the greenhouse, or the garden, he is overwhelmed with a sense of pride:

Through my knowledge and skill, I have nurtured these flowers into true beauty. When they are ready to be cut, picked, pulled, or clipped these 'children' are nourished and prepared for the big world; the world of the flower industry.


Grower in greenhouse


The love and energy invested by the grower remain preserved in the flower. And the flower can transmit this love to the final recipient of the flowers. One by one. However, if this 'child' is pushed, kicked, hit, and neglected along the way, it will get damaged. But the recipient, the caretaker, who receives and places them with love, is all the more grateful. And perceives with the same gratitude. The enjoyment can begin, and the flow of love can seamlessly move from flower to receiver, from flower to receiver. An energy cycle as nature intended.

My Journey Amidst Flowers

I was born amidst flowers. My father was a flower grower, on the coast of the Netherlands. My fascination with nature began at an early age. As we are raised and learn, we enter a world of labor and industry. The connection with real life seems to be about hard work and making money.


Flower Power in Yurt at Lucinda Maria


Today, this mindset is causing burnout, depression, a sense of loss, or basically any form of imbalance in many corners and at multiple ages. Personally, I never lost my connection with nature thanks to my journey in the flower trade. Upon realizing this wealth, I decided to share the love and energy for flowers, their power, and the hidden wisdom, with anyone who wants to know, hear, and feel it.

Healing in My Yurt

Therefore, in my yurt on the coast, I welcome people who experience an imbalance. When they feel that they cannot reach their true potential. When they feel: "I work hard, everything is there, and yet something is missing." It always has to do with the connection with oneself. Your true nature, your true potential. And no, this is not mystical. Because I know for everyone reading this: You understand what flowers are already doing for you! Deep down you know. Because when you hold flowers in your hands you are enjoying their beauty. And you know, and feel that there is more happening within.

When you enter my yurt, the atmosphere will warmly embrace you. A beautiful assortment of flowers is displayed and candles are lit. We ritually cleanse the space and your energy field by burning sage and invite positive energy by burning Palo Santo, and holy wood. After a brief introduction, we draw a card from my deck and delve into the wisdom of the card and how it can be implemented in your state of being. The flowers around us provide a sense of safety, allowing you to feel at home with yourself. Insights will naturally come to you, infusing you with positive energy to carry forward. Following this ceremony, you can relax on the treatment table and, after a facial massage, sink into your subconscious through a guided meditation.


Lucinda Maria Flower Power Cleansing space


The Healing Power of Flowers

A dome of flowers lies over you. The energy of the flowers assists you in sinking into your subconscious - a place where the mind grows quiet. This experience is different for everyone. The insights, images, sounds, and scents that each person receives will vary - powerful or gentle, clear or vague. The essence of this treatment is to discover your true self, intuition, deepest core, and subconscious - call it what you will. It is about accessing that deep energy within you that is connected to all energy - your true nature.


Flower Arch at Lucinda Maria


So, if this resonates with you, join me one day in my Yurt by the Dutch coast, and embrace the energy and wisdom of flowers. Embark with me on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Because we all deserve to live in harmony with ourselves, with nature, and with the beautiful energy that flowers bring into our lives.

Much love,



Lucinda Maria Flower Power Dance in Yurt

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Lucinda Maria

My drive to help others has been ingrained in me since I was a little girl. I cared for children who were less fortunate, and I was concerned about the environment. I feel that I can help upgrade the flower industry by tapping into an additional layer that flowers bring; combining my experiences, love for fellow humans, high sensitivity, and passion for flowers into a powerful whole.

And use this to help others. To enable them to grow, to feel loved, to feel heard. Seen, embraced, joyful, beautiful, unique, special, and EMPOWERED! But above all, to let them experience the healing power of nature, flowers, and plants.



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