This Season Took Away All My Doubts and Insecurities in Floral Design

In this masterpiece I found faith again, and the confirmation that the only thing I want to do for the rest of my life is playing with flowers.

By: YAMILE BULOS | 20-10-2021 | 3 min read
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As creative minds, many times we are involved in doubts. We experience many ups and downs. Often we have a heavy and full mind and sometimes even have a mind block. I ask myself sometimes:
"So, Yamile Bulos, are you really good, are you talented? Is your floral design outstanding?"
You know, that little devil talking to you on one shoulder, and on the other the little angel saying:
"What are you talking about? You are pretty freaking good!!"
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I Talk to Myself: "Here You Are, Yamile Bulos"

There are times when, even if flowers are my best allies, I doubt myself and I shrink. I mean, in this industry it’s very easy to doubt your work because you see that there are thousands of florists out there full of talent and creativity that later, even if you don’t want it, you start comparing yourself.   Quote Yamile Bulos Floral Design   For Me - Yamile Bulos - This Season Took Away All My Doubts and Insecurities in Floral Design - Article on Thursd (1)  

My Favorite Time of the Year for Floral Design

But then it comes back to you; something happens that cheers you up and makes you trust yourself again.  Someone talking to you, giving compliments, seeing what you have planned to accomplish. Or better yet, they inspire and motivate. Often, Autumn, my favorite time of year, clears my mind. For me, this year's fall season took away all my doubts and insecurities, and here I am, more inspired and encouraged than ever! Out of all seasons, it is in autumn that I always tend to feel my strong connection with flowers. Stronger than in the other seasons. Autumn is an inspiration for me. Because of its colors, landscapes, and festivities, and therefore, I decided to put myself to challenge once again. I want to give a flower arrangement to my followers through a giveaway. A giveaway that makes it possible for me to free myself in a design, play a little with it, and just have fun. Plus, every time I give, my heart is happy.    

My Floral Design

So this arrangement above was the result of all that, and honestly, I loved it madly! I can even say it’s one of my greatest creations in my path on the flower journey that I took. In this 'masterpiece' I found faith and hope again; It made me restate that indeed, the only thing I want to do for the rest of my life, is play with flowers and share my art, feelings, and soul through them.  

Mexican Flowers

I wanted to use mostly Mexican flowers because I love their colors and shapes…. Also, the Day of the Dead (one of my favorite holidays of the year by the way) is coming and I felt I need to make an ode to these festivities: to our loved ones and to all those who lost someone and who lived or are experiencing grief. Flowers, their colors, and their smells will always make us happy and spread a smile on our faces and, of course, on our hearts.   For Me - Yamile Bulos - This Season Took Away All My Doubts and Insecurities - Article on Thursd (2)  

Thanks to All

Once again I thank all those who wanted to participate in that giveaway, the more people commented the more they motivated me to create. I also thank from the heart all those who don’t let me down and well, obviously my eternal gratitude to the flowers who have always saved me… and well... Hope you enjoy the final result as much as I do!
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Yamile Bulos

Yamile Bulos is a flower designer based in Mexico but working abroad. She owns a degree in Marketing and Communications but the future had something much better prepared for her: Flowers! Certified as a Floral Designer by the London Flower School, Yamile has traveled a very odd and interesting journey in the world of flowers. After LFS, her career began in the Middle East as the Head Florist of a company specialized in the organization and production of large and luxury events, especially Royal Weddings. Yamile can literally turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! Although her passion is massive installations and events, she really enjoys making arrangements and bouquets for any special occasion. She always takes life itself as inspiration, artists, paintings, interior design, art in general, and nature. Besides this, the special touch of her work is that it’s always done with tons of love and passion, which has led her to be who she is today. Her background in creative agencies and her experience in marketing, advertising, project management, and communication gives her a different vision of everything and helps her to have a balance among the commercial, financial and creative, always obtaining efficient results and assuring that all companies and clients she works for, get the highest quality and faultless service. Yamile’s style is eclectic; quirky but delicious, combined with a bit of the garden and English style. She loves to mix textures, colors, and many varieties of flowers, her favorites are the showiest ones!



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