Yamile Bulos Creates Her Rocking Flower Installation at Fleuramour in Belgium Team work makes the dream work in this rocking themed event in Los Cabos, Mexico.
Mar 16 | 5 min read
An Exclusive Interview With Yamile Bulos - About How Life Treated Her During COVID and Especially About the Positive Outcome "I'm convinced that talent and success are always accompanied by dedication, but above all, by doing things with a lot of love and plenty of passion."
Mar 08 | 8 min read
This Season Took Away All My Doubts and Insecurities in Floral Design In this masterpiece I found faith again, and the confirmation that the only thing I want to do for the rest of my life is playing with flowers.
Save Me From the Ground A floral installation that represents the frightening phase of Scorched Earth
Yamile Bulos (Mexico) Flowering in quarantine
Apr 29 | 14 min read
Dreaming Big and Taking Risks - An Interview with Yamile Bulos Coming all the way from Mexico to follow her passion and dreams
Mar 05 | 15 min read

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