Growing My Own Flowers Gives Me Immeasurable Life Lessons

Finding peace in growing flowers and designing.

By: GABRIELA SALAZAR | 26-11-2020 | 3 min read
Floral Designs

When I first started growing and arranging flowers, my style was very different from what it is today. I have learned to know my blooms' likes and needs. That intimacy with flowers has really changed the way I design today. Treating flowers with care, placing them kindly, is something I think about all the time when I am arranging. Let me share more with you about my floral journey; my blooms and my workshops and specifically my garden; where it all starts.


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  Gabriela Salazar - La Musa de las Flores - Scorched Earth - Blog on Thursd  

My Garden, My Blooms

Alongside my English garden, I'm inspired by my Mexican culture. I love colors — such as orange and yellow — but mix them with muted tones to keep the arrangements soft and with calm energy. I try to channel this calm energy into my designs, staying present, and concentrating on creating with flowers; letting them direct the process through their natural beauty. Nature is a huge source of inspiration for all design disciplines, and for a floral designer, all the answers are out there in life; from color palettes to tones, shades, combinations to textures, shapes, lines, and movement.  


The Power to Transform

Flowers have the power to transform the way we feel. Emotions are very important when designing, and colors create a certain energy. I use that energy to make my arrangements, to create the right look and feel. The Floral Trend Color Scorched Earth is a color that offsets other colors so beautifully. A warm yellow color that is an important hue in my personal color scheme. Just have a look at what I grow in my garden.  


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Walking through the woods, I look towards the contours of branches and trees — their effortless movement, soft, graceful forms. Finding myself wanting to come back to the garden and translate what I see into a floral arrangement.  



Beginning by creating a sculptural shape with foliage, I allow the flowers to guide the arrangement, using a filler flower to set the color palette. I then allow each flower to have its own space to breathe inside the arrangement, creating rivers and waves of colors and textures - layers adding movement - before finishing with delicate and soft stem florals to add organic flow softness and a graceful dancing shape.


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I often feel as though flowers are not just beautiful to arrange but working with them also teaches you how to be patient, kind, resilient, graceful — offering immeasurable life lessons.  


“I simply can’t think of a better way to spend my life.” Words that inspire me, by Emma-Kate Wilson


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Planning my Garden

Planning a flower garden is a time-bound and very specific skill. At the moment, I am really excited to start planning the garden for my Growing and Designing Workshop on February 18th, 19th & 20th in 2021. I hope for things to get better so that I am able to share my garden with you. Come and learn how to start your own cut flower garden; learn to grow varieties with shapes, colors, and textures you can’t simply buy on the market, and learn how to design soft, romantic, effortless arrangements with local and seasonal flowers. For more information email me at [email protected]


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Gabriela Salazar

Taking flowers as her muse, Gabriela Salazar looks to nature as an ever-inspiring source of creativity for her floral design studio La Musa de las Flores. High in the Mexican mountains, in a small town two hours from Mexico City, the florist grows a delicate cut flower garden for her romantic arrangements that echo the relationship between design and nature. Gabriela wasn't always interested in flower arrangements, but after she moved to London to study Architectural Interiors, the designer fell in love with the colorful array of florals at the New Covent Garden Flower Market. Now the florist lives in Valle de Bravo, after relocating from Mexico City, seeking a tranquil location to grow flowers and be surrounded by nature.



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