How to Allow Your Floral Design and Models to Excel - Take Advantage of the Location!

Connecting beautiful things, like linking haute couture to a special flower, reinforces the story I would like to tell for each of those things.

By: NATASJA MIRONOVA | 08-03-2023 | 3 min read
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In my work for the promotion of products such as flowers, fashion, and jewelry, I am always looking for beautiful combinations. Connecting beautiful things reinforces the story I would like to tell for each of those things. Linking haute couture to a special flower such as the orchid can produce a unique story that not only shows the fashion and the beautiful flower, but also tells a story about the experience of seeing, wearing, and smelling beautiful fabrics, creations and that beautiful sprout of the species-rich plant family.

Combinations & Locations

The bringing together continues. Who wears the fashion and the orchid? Where do we show the combination? Who's coming to watch it? For me, it's about getting inspiration from different sides to do something new and at the same time inspire others to come up with something beautiful. And what is beautiful? What does fit and what does not? That is also a matter of individual taste. Try telling your own story!


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Tell the Right Story

To show that everyone can wear beautiful creations, you can choose not to use professional models, but people from your own company or studio. But in another context, it can give something extra to allow models to excel with excellent creations. Tell the right story using the resources at your disposal!

I enlarge the image a bit and look at the location that forms the backdrop for the storytelling. My proposition is: Take advantage of the location!

There are plenty of examples in which the combination of creations with the location in which they are presented gives an enchanting effect. These creations can be fashion or accessories such as bags and hats, but also beautiful bouquets or flower arrangements that come into their own in a well-chosen environment.



Example: The Annual Spring Show at Keukenhof

Take, for example, the annual spring show at the Dutch bulb gardens of Keukenhof. There are many tulips in the fields, but also beautiful exotic flowers in the greenhouses on the site of the former vegetable garden. How beautiful it was when the colorful orchids were brought outside those greenhouses by enthusiastic young local ladies, beautifully worn on their matching dresses. It surprised many visitors, it brought the show from the greenhouse to the fields. The entire location, inside and out, formed a backdrop of splendor that was captured by countless people. Those images eventually went all over the world and became an inspiration for many.


Natasja Mironova with phalaenopsis models


Or show bridal bouquets during a beautiful lunch in a special restaurant. Invite a number of young people, who are spontaneous and naturally show the bouquets and the flowers used for them. In that case, the photographer and camerawoman are the spectators, who make exclusive footage. With that material, you can conduct PR and communication campaigns that say more than the most beautiful studio photos of the bridal bouquets. It is the combination of the location, the people, the bridal bouquets, and the flower arrangements that dress up the location, that together tell the story. Such images work more for my clients than a brochure full of words.


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