The Lily Is the Symbol of My City Florence

This flower has a long and meaningful history for my city dating back to Roman times.

By: EZIO DE ANGELIS | 31-05-2023 | 3 min read
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I live and work in a city of art, Florence, and I was born in another beautiful city of art, Rome. And sometimes there is the risk of a certain addiction to beauty... The same happens in my work: so accustomed to the beauty of flowers that I forget the simplicity of things. Like that, I have always lived and worked in a city that holds a lily as its symbol. The lily from grower Bredefleur is the center of my designs today. And with that, I am proud to be a BFF, a Bredefleur Friend.

The Lily of Florence

The lily has always been one of the most representative symbols of Florence. This flower has a long and meaningful history for my city dating back to Roman times. Florence has been nicknamed the 'City of Lilies' due to the abundance of this flower that grew in the area surrounding the city.

The Florentine lily, also known as the white lily, is a variety of lily that stands out for its beauty and symbolic meaning. This flower has been associated with the city of Florence since the Middle Ages when the Florentines adopted it as a symbol of their city.


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This same Florentine lily has been used in various contexts, including fashion, ceramics, and political symbology. For example, the Florentine lily appears in the city's famous coat of arms, which depicts a white lily on a red background. This coat of arms was used to identify Florence throughout the world and can still be seen today on the city's monuments, streets, and official documents.

Furthermore, the Florentine lily was used as a symbol of the city's nobility and pride. Over the centuries, numerous Florentine artists, such as Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo Buonarroti, have represented the lily in their paintings, to underline the link between Florence and artistic beauty.



Admiration of the Florentine Lily

Today the Florentine lily is still highly appreciated by Florentines and visitors to the city. You can admire this flower on clothes, flags, and many other items. Furthermore, every year, during the celebration of the Feast of San Giovanni Battista, the patron saint of the city, a large lily coat of arms is carried in procession through the streets of the city, in a gesture of pride and belonging to the city of Florence.

Indeed, the lily has always been an important symbol for the city of Florence. This flower represents the beauty, nobility, and pride of the town, and continues to be a fundamental element of Florentine culture and tradition.



My Lily Designs Inspired by Florence

I work at my shop La Bottega dei Fiori. As a florist, I like to tell the most beautiful stories through unique and memorable floral arrangements. From an understated bridal bouquet to a luxurious transformation of a venue, flowers play a significant role in setting the right mood.

If you live and work in Florence, it is not difficult to get a good backdrop for your photoshoot. Good scenery is never far away. That is why I decided to not only show my designs with the lilies from Bredefleur inside but also outside on my roof terrace.

My photographic proposal started when the idea of a design for Bredefleur came up. and I immediately thought of the lily, that symbol of Florence. I looked for a location that could offer a broad view of the city, a place from which one could see and admire the major symbols of the city: Palazzo Vecchio, the National Museum Bargello, Orsanmichele, Giotto's Bell Tower, the Medicean Chapels, Palazzo Pitti, etc...

As a result, you can watch how the lilies colorfully match with other flowers in the arrangements, like typical Italian flowers like Mimosa Floribunda and anemones, and with flowers like Helianthus, alstroemeria, roses, and iris. And see how the lilies blend with the beautiful City of Lilies, Florence.


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The lilies used in these designs are Lily Pokerface, Lily Genzano, Lily Red Desire, and Lily Viva La Vida.
pecial thanks to grower Bredefleur and wholesaler Anton Spaargaren.


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Ezio de Angelis

I am an artisan florist who works with all things flora, fronds, and blooms to create arrangements large and small, huge vases and delicate bowls, generous bouquets, and miniature boutonnières, along with rambling arches and exquisite garlands of flowers.

In more than twenty-five years of activity at La Bottega dei Fiori I have attended, with excellent results, many training courses in floristry, and thanks to my work I have been able to travel the world and create fantastic floral arrangements both alone and together with other professionals. In fact, I believe very much in collaboration and in the power of experience because I think you can always learn new things and improve yourself.



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