Meet the Granny!

Romanian weddings are so different from what you might imagine

By: ALINA NEACSA | 16-06-2020 | 3 min read

A wedding through the eyes of Granny.

Romanian Weddings Are So Different from What You Might Imagine.
Weddings in Romania. They are different for sure. They last almost three days, like in the fairy tales. But a Romanian wedding is nothing like the nice bedtime stories your mom was reading to you when you were a child. They are very, very different. With this blog-story, presenting you a traditional Romanian wedding trough Granny's eyes I think we go viral! :-) Especially with the 4-minute video. My husband Cristi is a wedding photographer and he is always looking for something out of the ordinary. When he sees something special he is the first to share it with me. About three years ago he had a job at this wedding were the number one character was the Granny, and not the bride! Read my story about Granny below! Enjoy! Meet the Granny - Alina Neacsa on Thursd - Header
Meet the Granny
The star of this wedding was the Granny. She was 90 years old and more alive than most of the wedding guests. Understand that as in most other countries the weddings in Romania start at the bride's house. In this story, the Granny is welcoming everyone to the first part of the day. As you all can see, she is already the focal point of attention.
Romanian Wedding Traditions, You Have to Do Them All!
It's not so easy, a Romanian wedding. For the bride, it means she has to invite all her relatives, friends, people who know her from childhood, all the people from the street, and everyone else from the village who would like a nice meal and some drinks :P Everyone will come to her party free of charge. And everyone will participate in all our unusual traditions. But mind this: if you don't do all of these traditional things then,.....uuuuuhhh, all the village will talk about it at least for one year! So: you do it or you do it... there is no other option! When everybody is ready and in the right position the wedding can start; the bride and the groom (who is also there) have to go through some special Romanian wedding procedures :-) and the entire audience is watching. To have an idea what happens at a Romanian wedding, for example, is that the groom is shaved by his friends with a massive knife. And the bride is kissed by all the women while they are putting money in her dress for good fortune.
Granny Is Everywhere
Oh and, Granny is everywhere. She's taking care of everything! Please take 4 minutes of your time to watch the video, you won't regret it.
More Traditions
Back to the Romanian wedding traditions. The bride has to go to the center of the village to show herself to everyone. She also has to do some awkward things that you will later see in the video. The musicians must be present during this strange moment and play on the spot! Then, we Romanians at a wedding, we dance with a kind of Christmas tree while decorating it with colored paper! ... I don't know exactly why but... who cares?!?
Granny Didn't Catch the Bouquet!
Granny was so 'into' her granddaughter's wedding, that I swear, I was kind of surprised that she wasn't the one who catches the bride's bouquet! Things like this make my work really special and amazing. People working in the wedding industry will probably recognize this, we truly are the lucj=ky ones for working at people's best moments in life.  if you are working in the wedding industry's impossible to get bored! I have to admit that not all Romanian weddings are like this, nowadays more and more weddings are skipping (some of) these old traditions, but.... what's the point to talk about the normal ones when we have so much of this crazy stuff to share with you. Warm kisses from Romania! - Alina Photo credits: Cristi Neacsa Video credits: Andrei Stafi
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