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Tutorial 2 - An Italian summer with a woolen orange bowl.

By: IVAN BERGH | 14-06-2023 | 3 min read
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I had the pleasure to create not one, not two, but four tutorial videos for Tesselaar Alstroemeria, a company renowned for its fine-quality flowers.  I’m here to share my love for them and hopefully, inspire you to incorporate them more into your designs.

The Tutorials Are About 'Summer Vibes'

During my extensive experience as a floral designer, I have grown to deeply appreciate the subtle charm and resilience of alstroemerias. These exceptional flowers possess an impressive ability to adapt effortlessly to different styles and settings. Whether adorning the elegance of wedding ceremonies or adding intimacy to dinner table centerpieces, alstroemerias consistently bring a refined and enchanting touch.

In the expansive world of alstroemerias, Tesselaar Alstroemeria has skillfully cultivated a diverse selection of these flowers, each with its own unique character and allure.


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Tutorial 2 - An Italian Summer With a Woolen Orange Bowl

With this design, I show the real Italian summer. This powerful orange construction with polystyrene, thick wool, and Alstroemeria Jaffa is not so difficult to make.



The Reasoning Behind My Video Tutorials

In this series of video tutorials, I have had a mission to showcase the remarkable versatility of these exquisite blooms. Each video unveils a distinct design concept, and I have derived immense joy from exploring various arrangements.

In my perspective, floral design surpasses notions of "right" or "wrong"; it is a form of artistic expression that encourages us to indulge in the pleasure and freedom of self-expression using flowers as our medium.

Throughout these tutorials, I will accompany you on a journey starting from the vibrant blooms of spring and leading to the gentle farewell of summer. I will explain my choice of materials and carefully guide you through each step of the design process. My intention is that by witnessing these tutorials, you will be inspired to embark on your own floral design adventures, discovering the sheer delight of working with alstroemerias.

When it comes to selecting your alstroemerias, there is a crucial tip I must share: always opt for slightly open blossoms. While it might be tempting to acquire them when they are in the bud stage, especially if you are obtaining them directly from the grower, trust me when I say that slightly open alstroemerias are the best choice. This preference stems from a simple truth: alstroemerias with a gentle openness tend to maintain their strength and vibrancy for a longer duration.

And let us not overlook the fact that floral design encompasses more than just arranging flowers; it involves understanding the flowers themselves, their life cycles, and how they harmoniously interact with their surroundings. Becoming familiar with these subtle details can greatly impact your design endeavors.

You can see all four tutorials in the article 'Playing With Beautiful Alstroemerias'.



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The flowers featured in these tutorials are Alstroemeria Cinnamon, Alstroemeria Jaffa, Alstroemeria Noize, Alstroemeria Panorama, Alstroemeria Stephanie, and Alstroemeria Wonder Sweet. These varieties and more are grown in the Netherlands by Tesselaar Alstroemeria. Video & Photography by Ivan Bergh Floral School.


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Ivan Bergh

My name is Ivan Berghella, everyone calls me Ivan Bergh. I am Italian, I live and work in Pescara. Graduated as an accountant in 1996, I immediately decided to take a new path. I wanted to work in the world of flowers. In 2001 I began my first collaboration with the European Athenaeum of Floral Art as an international teacher and judge, a collaboration that continued until 2011. In the meantime, in the years 2006 and 2007 I also participated in 6 different international seminars with the Flornet project in Hungary, Germany, Holland, and Norway. I took part in several competitions for florists, winning the Italian Championship and getting second and third places in International Championships in Sweden and Denmark. In my life there have always been flowers, my parents grew flowers, and so my passion and my feeling with them must have been born spontaneously. Probably this pushed me to become a florist, then my opening to the world led me to start international collaborations. I opened my school where we teach everything about compositions, flowers, and their use. You learn how to become a florist, but above all and most importantly, you learn to experiment, to dare with new materials, new shapes. It gives space to the imagination to make it visible and give it shape. I think that flowers can express our feelings, give a voice to our emotions. With colors, shapes, and materials we are able to communicate everything we have inside as artists. Flowers, love, and passion...



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