myThursd Creative Laura Draghici and Her OrcaGreen Project

Creatives come up with originals only. Check out this blog for Adomex through myThursd.

By: MYTHURSD. | 17-04-2024 | 2 min read
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myThursd Creative Laura Draghici

Laura Draghici is one of the myThursd creatives. She is very proactive and looks regularly to see the new projects on our floral meetup spot. This project for OrcaGreen from Adomex is an example of what we need when a blog is one of the things asked by the advertiser.

Who said it's not possible to create an arrangement only using greenery? Green is a color that inspired Laura to create bouquets filled with at least 80% of green foliage and the result for her has been absolutely stunning. Adomex's OrcaGreen Brand was her ally in the creation of these wonderful bouquets.

Laura's Love for Decorative Leaves

Yes, her love for decorative leaves is huge because what your hands can create with them is beyond amazing. Decorative leaves — you think of them as a filler for natural flower bouquets, right? Or you may have thought in the past that green decorative leaves are not as important as flowers because most of the time flowers are the main characters in bouquets. Well, believe it or not, green leaves have always had a very important role in every single bouquet they make a part of.


Laura Draghicis designs using mostly greens from Adomex
Green design using Salal and Aralia leaves.


But what about if you changed your perspective, and thought of them as the main actor in floral compositions? That's exactly what Laura did when creating bouquets that were 80% green, using some of the OrcaGreen Brand products.


Greens from Orca Green Brand
A mix of OrcaGreen products allowed her to create a green bouquet.


Creating Green Bouquets

Starting from this desire, Laura created bouquets mainly from decorative leaves, the wonderful decorative leaves from Adomex. She twisted them, spun them, glued them, combined them, and put them in value simply as they look, in their natural form.


My green design using coral fern
Design using Coral Fern and Cordyline Gree Tie.


With the help of many techniques,  Laura Draghici created small, medium, large, and even very large bouquets. However you play with these green leaves, they look great. Moreover, these creations were highlighted by two talented young people, they had a lot of fun at the photo session right in their hometown - Ploiesti, Romania - on the steps of an important institution, the Palace of Culture.


Laura Draghicis designs using Phoenix Roebelinii
Green arrangement using Phoenix Roebelenii and Cordyline Green Tie


Green design using cocos leaf
A design of Laura that was created with Cocos Leaf.


For her creations, she used Cocos Leaf (aka Rabbit Ears), Coral Fern, Cordyline Green Tie, Leather Fern, Salal, and Phoenix Roebelenii from the OrcaGreen Brand by Adomex. In addition to the 80% greenery she used for the bouquets, flowers such as purple clematis, dark pink Cymbidium, various colors of Phalaenopsis, and Craspedia were used to enhance them.


Design: Laura Draghici / Chic Fleuriste, Model: Sabina Eparu (@sabyyz), Makeup and hairstyle: Salon Michelle, Photo: Alex Chivu (


OrcaGreen banner

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