Check Out What Nancy Zimmerman Did in Collaboration With Decofresh

"I love how she made these Decofresh roses stand out for this inspirational photoshoot 'Vino before Vows'!"

By: REGINE MOTMANS | 10-04-2024 | 3 min read
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When I look back on what we already accomplished with myThursd, I can honestly say beautiful projects have been done so far. This is one of them.

Nancy Zimmerman of Fancy Florals by Nancy is famous for her astonishing wedding designs. And she is often involved in inspirational Wedding Shoots. She has participated in the Alexandra Farms Garden Rose competition and has become a solid number two over the years. Last year in October proved just how good she is again. Look at this awesome result.

For Decofresh she worked on this project with gorgeous lilac, magenta, and purple tones. 'Vino before Vows' was the theme for the tasting and styled shoot they did for The Venue CU. As a preferred vendor for The Venue CU, Nancy was asked to collaborate with them for the wine Italian aesthetic event. After seeing the mood board, Nancy excitedly said "Yes!"

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At the very beginning of myThursd, Nancy had Decofresh collaborating with her to get her the right colors of roses for this project. Decofresh prepared a package of 180 roses, Rose Venturosa, Rose Violet Hill, and Rose Country Blues. Holex made sure these flowers traveled to her wholesaler Kennicott Alsip.


Floral Design for Weddings With Decofresh and myThursd Member Nancy Zimmerman



"To complement the 'vino' theme, we chose to incorporate grapes into our decorations. Grapes were suspended from the tall centerpieces, the head table arbor, and our 4-meter diameter floral chandelier. Additionally, we created the 'vino' ambiance by filling the tall cylinders with wine bottle corks. But of course the most important thing was to have the right colors of roses for this shoot. myThursd is an excellent tool to find the partner you need in floral industry to collaborate with."


Bridal Flowers With Decofresh Roses for myThursd Project of Nancy Zimmerman


Nancy continues: 

"We have long admired the beautiful rose varieties from Decofresh. And it seemed not possible for us to receive these beauties in the States. We also became a blogger for Thursd, and a member from myThursd, so we reached out to Regine to see if she could reach out to Decofresh to partner with us for this styled shoot at The Venue CU. We were delighted when we connected through myThursd's chat and Decofresh would indeed supply some roses. For our color palette we chose deep wine shades, violet, mauve, and fuchsia pink. Decofresh sent us the rose varieties Venturosa (a beautiful deep wine color), Violet Hill, and Country Blues."


Inspirational Wedding Shoot in Collaboration With Nancy Zimmerman Member of myThursd and Decofresh


Vino Before Vows - The Styled Shoot

The styled shoot is arranged before the tasting event, which is organized for couples who have confirmed their wedding date at The Venue CU. This allows them to sample the various dishes offered by the caterer. Ahead of the tasting, The Venue CU arranges for models to participate in the styled shoot, providing multiple vendors with the chance to collaborate and obtain stunning professional photographs of their contributions.


Floral Design With Decofresh Roses


We created a win-win for all involved: 



Thank you to all of these talented vendors for collaborating to create 'Vino before Vows'!! A project that came together through myThursd. Join today and create your account on and start collaborating.


Table Design for myThursd by Nancy Zimmerman With Decofresh

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