Our School Has a Masterclass Flower Work for a Photo Shoot

Important for future florists to see the whole picture

By: MONIKA BEBENEK | 15-02-2021 | 2 min read



Masterclass Floristic and Photographic Project

I want to introduce you to this photo shoot. In our school, we try to teach all aspects of being a Floral Designer. I believe it's very important to be successful.   In Our School We Have a Masterclass Flower Work for a Photo Session - Blog on Thursd (5)  

A Short Story About My First Price

Take a breath ... I'm already home, proud and happy! Finalist of the first edition of the Florist of the Year 2020 competition. Congratulations to the Association of Polish Florists for organizing in such difficult times. This past year was surprising and difficult. It required courage, flexibility ... distance made life very fragile ... not to mention I only have a small business! There wasn't a lot of help: we had to organize ourselves, take care of those who are closer and even of the once more distant. I learned a lot of new things, but I had to stay at home often. It gave me time to reflect, to act, to plan.... it was a valuable experience for me! For this competition, I was given specific evaluation criteria to complete. And only after filling them in, I realized how much was we had accomplished last year! You have to put a lot of effort into a lot of things! Take action, we need working florists! Today I will present two criteria: participation in demonstrations and publications. And therefore we organize this Masterclass.      

Design and Flowers

Ewa Janos, Magdalena Litewka-Piekarczyk, Kornel Tomaszewski, Joanna Kłobucka-Skorobogata Photo Małgorzata Pawłowska Model Justyna Manderla Make-up Katarzyna Borkowska   In Our School We Have a Masterclass Flower Work for a Photo Session - Blog on Thursd (3)  

What Is Important For These Projects?

Inspiration, inspiration boards. Flower work for a photo session. Cooperation in a team of specialists (make-up artist, model, photographer ...) Work and tasks of the florist during the session.   In Our School We Have a Masterclass Flower Work for a Photo Session - Blog on Thursd (1)  


Together with Małgorzata Pawłowska I hosted this occasion.
Are you curious about MASTER CLASS 5.0 in Blooming Horizons? We invite you to follow reports from classes and events. Feel our atmosphere and see how great our development is. Take a look at the flowers, plant material, see what relationships we have and what is happening with us ... get inspired by our creativity! And if you want, meet us and join us in the future! See our floral, beautiful world! #rozwitajznami
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Monika Bebenek

Floral designer and floral teacher. Master of floristry, the vice Polish Champion in floristry, and an international judge of floristic art. Owner of the floral school Kwitnące Horyzonty and flower shop Zielona Gęś Floral Art. Teaching people gives me great pleasure and joy. I really like looking at the growth and development of my students and how they are gaining the world acquiring new skills. As a floral designer, also implements large projects in Europe and in the rest of the world. As a floral designer arranges flowers in very beautiful and prestigious places. The most interesting experience of Monika is arranging flowers in the Himalayas or twice at the land art festival in Iceland and Italy, near Venice. Author’s workshops in Mexico, in Kijev, and many places in Poland. Work with the World Champion team on unilateral event projects in India. Monika loves nature, she spends every free moment with loved ones close to nature.



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