Peter's Weekly Menu Episode #51 - Japanese Flowers in Aalsmeer!

See what's hot in week 7 2021 at Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer

By: PETER VAN DELFT | 14-02-2021 | 1 min read

Check out all the Japanese flowers in Aalsmeer seen by me, Peter van Delft, on the markets in the Netherlands, the world's largest display of flowers and plants.

Every day I look around at trader Barendsen Flowers at the Royal Flora Holland Aalsmeer, the world's largest flower auction. With an auction of around 34,5 million flowers and plants a day, I like to spot novelties and special products that are new and/or just coming in production. This week, number 7, I like to show you some flowers that come from Japan. You know Japan is famous for their high quality, large, and sometimes stranger varieties. Enjoy the Japanese flowers in Aalsmeer!

Lathyrus from Japan

There are over 200 Sweet Pea producers in Japan, all grown in greenhouses. The growers have excellent control over the growth and selection of each flower.   Japanese Flowers - Peter van Delft Weekly #51- Lathyrus Mix They are packed with the greatest delicacy and are shipped to customers with the highest quality standards. The Japanese Sweet Peas stand out because of its excellent quality, fragrance, and its length.  

Ranunculus Charlotte flowers from Japan

With their top-heavy blooms, this mega ranunculus equals a peony’s appearance and makes a great addition to a loose garden-inspired arrangement.   Japanese Flowers - Peter van Delft Weekly #51- Ranunculus Charlotte Orange   You can read all about Ranunculus Charlotte in this article: 'Your Favorite Japanese Ranunculus Named Charlotte'.  

2 Other Specialties from Japan

The Osmunda japonica is also called the Asian royal fern, and is a fern in the genus Osmunda native to east Asia, including Japan. The Dancing Alliums are also flowers from Japan, and really something special, and get a lot of applause from floral designers from all over the world!  

  That's all with the Japanese flowers for this week. All the best, Peter.

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Peter van Delft

I am always on the lookout for new flowers, specialties, novelties, and products coming into the season. Working in the Dutch flower industry enables me to see the prettiest flowers in the world, and I can say I really love it!



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