The Antonov Chrysanthemum

What can European florists create with this beauty?

By: WARJA ABROSIMOVA | 05-04-2020 | 3 min read
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Antonov Chrysanthemum

One of the loveliest products I get to work with is the Antonov chrysanthemum. Antonov is the biggest white bloom chrysanthemum. The flower keeps developing on the vase and can grow up to 20 centimeters in diameter. It has been on the market for over ten years now. There are various colored (enhanced) varieties of Antonov which are quite new. And trending. Far and foremost in eastern Europe. At Dekker Chrysanten we discovered that Antonov can easily be painted in one or multiple colors per flower and that it keeps colors extremely well.

Enhanced Antonov Chrysanthemum - Alina Neacsa - on Thursd
Enhanced Antonov Chrysanthemums
Antonov Still in Demand During the Corona Crisis

During the Corona crisis we noticed how important the enhanced Antonov chrysanthemum is for the Eastern European florist. Even when demand for all other flowers was dropping rapidly, Antonov was still in high demand. I am surprised that florists in Western Europe are not really seeing and discovering the beauty of Antonov. In my opinion, it is one of the most luxurious flowers that is currently available. It is beautiful by itself as a mono flower in a bunch. But can also enrich any bouquet. It can be use instead of or with hydrangea, peony, or large dahlia's. We see a growing demand for colored flowers.

Street Savage Trend

One of the main trends that the Dutch Flower Council has described is called “Street Savage”. In this, the colored flowers are very important. In my work I see that many consumers, especially younger ones, really get enthusiastic about the boost colorful flowers bring in a bouquet. Despite this, the Western European florist does not really see the opportunities of these new colors and is not really picking up on this trend.

Also for Western Florists

It would a shame if Western florist are missing out on an important innovation and opportunity to sell flowers to a new audience. With these new wide range of complete new colors you can play in your design, create new ideas, surprise your existing customers but also attract new ones. Try something new, challenge yourself and your customers! The vase life of Antonov chrysanthemum is also fantastic, white or colored. It can last for three weeks. The paint that is used to color the flowers is biological and fully biodegradable. It is fully eco-friendly and has no negative effect on the environment. In my experience a florist can sell 5-10% more when introducing a new flower like this. It draws the attention of the customers.

Many Colors

There is wide range of colors. Natural hydrangea-like colors, but also very bright in-your-face colors. Not everybody will like every color, but it draws attention and with the wide range of colors there is a color for everybody to get enthusiastic about. Chrysanthemum Antonov - cut flowers - on Thursd - Header

Out of the Box

I would just like to see that more florists try to think out of the box, by using a bloom chrysanthemum and by going for some new, innovative colors. I think customers like to be surprised, but they need to first  see these colored flowers in the shops they know. Also,  let’s try to appeal to the younger consumers with new colors that enrich their interior. Flowers can have an appearance that consumers are not used to, but I am sure they want to try. Also because there is no reason not to! Check out the Antonov experiment! Go wild, surprise your customers! If you need ideas of information on possibilities, please contact me and together we will color the world!

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Warja Abrosimova

I am an expert in the Eastern European flower business. In my role as Marketing Manager Eastern Europe at Dekker Chrysanten it is my job to introduce varieties in the Eastern European market. It means I work with top floral designers to make sure that our varieties are the most desired products.



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