The Pina Colada Chrysanthemum Is a Treasure in Itself

Wander the imagination of the creator

By: CAT DEVAUD | 12-11-2020 | 1 min read

A Treasure in Itself

The "Pina Colada "chrysanthemum is a treasure in itself: its cluster of flowers made up of a corolla of a multitude of delicate petals, the robustness of the stem, and above all its long-standing in a vase makes this chrysanthemum even more interesting.  


Wander Your Imagination

Whether it is white Pina Colada with its light green heart, whether it is Pina Colada Cream with a delicate pale yellow heart, or whether it is bright Pina Colada Yellow; through a floral arrangement its texture, its simplicity allows, in a simple or complex way, to wander the imagination of the creator, or of the observer.  


Pina Colada Growers

The chrysants Pina Colada and Pina Colada Cream used with these creations are supplied by Fred van Paassen/Vannova. The Pina Colada Yellow is supplied by MG Grand/Zentoo.  


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Cat Devaud

After a general school course, I went for a horticultural technician's certificate in order to better understand and know the different plant cultures. Through various internships in horticulture, it was not uncommon for some horticultural companies to have a retail flower shop. It was through these various internships that the passion for flowers first grew by sales and then by floral design. I then undertook the diploma courses in floral art CAP and French Professional Certificate. My experience was completed in various shops. Then I was recruited by one of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France Fleuriste. Colors, textures, a wide range of plants combined with observation, rigor, thoroughness, perfection, and emotion that will allow me over the years to refine my experience and the desire to transmit to them to professionals as well as laymen. After 15 years of shops - where I was in turn shop manager, apprentice master, and assistant for future Meilleur Ouvrier de France - I decided to show my skills to others through competitions resulting in the title of vice-champion of France in 2014. The affirmation of this title leads me to training others too.



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