The Scorched Earth Florist

As florists, we need to become the Earth’s gardeners.

By: KAT BASS | 25-11-2020 | 2 min read
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We stand at a crossroads in the future of our planet. For too long we have taken it for granted. Our wanton destruction of the planet needs to stop before our beautiful green and blue Earth degrades to a barren and lifeless rock - this is the nightmare of a Scorched Earth and the inspiration for the Floral Trend color for 2021.   The Scorched Earth Florist by Kat Bass

Becoming the Earth’s Gardeners

As florists, we need to become the Earth’s gardeners. We can all do it by simply looking at what the Earth already gives us. After a storm go for a walk and see what you can find; a fallen branch, patches of moss, leaves, and cones to name just a few. Many would see this just as rubbish but learn to think differently and incorporate these pieces into your floral designs. It’s amazing what you can create when you open your eyes and imagination.  

The Scorched Earth Palette

I love how the Scorched Earth palette reflects where the Earth is on its journey towards potential disaster. It starts a glowing bright orange, shifts into yellows but gradually becomes tinged with beige to reflect the scorched surface of the planet that we a striving to stop. In my floral designs, I have incorporated stem dyed flowers. I self dye the flowers using dyes that are naturally biodegradable and they give me the flexibility to create any shade in the palette.   The Scorched Earth Florist by Kat Bass

So Much More than a Trend Color

For me, the Scorched Earth color trend for 2021 is so much more than just a color palette. It’s a reminder that every day we can make decisions to make a positive difference. Talk to your customers, and let them know how passionate you are about the color trend for 2021 and what it means to you. Challenge your suppliers to source biodegradable and recyclable products that you can use in the confidence that you are not adding to our planet's problems.  

  So, in 2021 I am proud to call myself a Scorched Earth Florist.

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Kat Bass

Hello I’m Kat. I’m a florist from Switzerland & I’m proud to be different!


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