The Wedding Cake

It seemed challenging to me to make something that suits a wedding day

By: YUVERTA | 09-12-2020 | 2 min read
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My name is Fleur van der Tuin, I have lived in Nijmegen for seven years and was born in Delft. I follow the Flower, Green & Styling course level 3 at Helicon Opleidingen MBO in 's-Hertogenbosch. I have been following florist training for four years and I still think it is a creative profession where I have learned a lot. In my flower arrangements, I like to match the seasons. The flower arrangements change with the seasons. There is always an inspiration.   The Wedding Cake by Fleur van der Tuin  

Learn New Things by Setting New Goals

Over the years I have done an internship at various flower shops. I learned a lot there, such as making all the common flower arrangements, dealing with customers, and decorating the shop beautifully. My goal is to get my degree and then learn new things by setting new goals. My future, after obtaining my diploma, is still open.    

The New White Rose Snowstorm+

The new white rose from Dümmen Orange is called "Snowstorm+". I think this rose has a beautiful white color and gives it a radiant feeling. I also think the rose is suitable for a wedding day. A wedding day is a special day that you - if all goes well - only experience once. It seemed challenging to me to make something that really suits a wedding day. I made a beautiful radiant high cake of floral foam with the Snowstorm+ roses in it and other decorations so that it fits like a wedding cake.   The Wedding Cake by Fleur van der Tuin  

The Wedding Cake

I got the idea because I came across a few photos on the internet that inspired me. I also wanted to make something that was different from a standard bouquet. You can dress up a bridal day in many ways. With the design, I want to show that with this beautiful rose, in the shape of a wedding cake, you can also mean something to a bridal couple. The wedding cake of roses symbolizes love. Fleur van der Tuin Instagram: flowersfleurr_ Follow Helicon Opleidingen MBO on Instagram: @bloemgroenenstyling @meester_in_de_bloemen @heliconmbodenbosch

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