My Work in Saatchi Gallery in London

I'm chasing my dreams and I'm happy. You have to be crazy enough to believe it's possible.

By: TOM DE HOUWER | 31-05-2024 | 2 min read
Floral Art
Header Tom de Houwer

After serving more than 2 decades in a commercial environment, I decided to aim at displaying my work in galleries or museums because these venues allow me to be completely free and true to myself. I do not need to adapt to a commercial environment, which means I can fully express my creativity in a way that truly resonates with who I am. In these spaces, the focus is on artistic integrity, enabling me to share my genuine vision with others. To evoke an emotion not by provocation but by an authentic, and in the best case, a universal truth. You have to be crazy enough to believe it’s possible.

Being Free and Completely True to Myself

Being patient, open, and believing in the right opportunity to arise, that patience, hard work, and trust has now come to fruition in my next floral art installation at Saatchi Gallery in London.

It is an honor to contribute to the worldwide recognition of our art form as a legitimate art, as it does not always receive the appreciation it deserves.

Saatchi Presents Tom de Houwer
Design Tom de Houwer - Photographer Britt Gysen

At the esteemed Saatchi Gallery, my latest floral masterpiece is now on display: a 7-meter-long floating tablecloth crafted from autumn leaves, gracefully suspended in the air. This installation captures a vivid spectrum of transformations, beginning with autumn's rustic leaves and transitioning seamlessly into vibrant, colorful flowers. The artwork culminates in an ethereal space of nothingness, symbolizing boundless potential and the cyclical nature of life.


Locally Grown Flowers

This piece is not only a visual feast but also an embodiment of sustainability. All flowers used were locally grown at @marlston_farmgirl. In creating the design, I utilized nature-friendly techniques that celebrate ecological harmony. The installation wouldn’t have been possible without the diligent support of Hannah from @herbflowerstudio, whose dedication is invaluable.

And a nice extra: used flowers will be repurposed by The Confetti Club into biodegradable fresh bottle confetti.


Floral Art by Tom de Houwer in Saatchi London

Transition and transformation lie at the core of my work. Life and death are inextricably linked, each giving meaning to the other in an eternal dance. This creation gained a deeply personal dimension for me, as I had to let go of my sister who died unexpectedly during the process. Visitors are invited to contemplate this interplay within the floral essence of this creation, now on display at the iconic Saatchi Gallery in London.

Tom de Houwer profile picture
Tom de Houwer

Tom de Houwer is Floral-Artist, Teacher and Mentor His unique harmonious less is more designs and holistic methods that are driven by philosophical meaning have been inspiring thousands of people worldwide through speaking engagements, professional & student workshops and publications in dozens of magazines. He is now driven to inspire other designers to discover their authentic relationship with themselves, and with new-found awareness translate the meaning to their own designs. He has been described by students, employees, and fellow designers as a genuine force of nature: wildly creative with a pursuit of the delicate balance between perfection and authenticity.



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