We Can Bring Joy with Flowers and Balloons

Surprise your partner, surprise your roommate, surprise!

By: TIMO BOLTE | 24-03-2021 | 2 min read
Basically, the idea was that a flower surprise is even worth more on a day that isn't called Valentine’s. It’s about bringing love and joy in a dark lockdown daily life.   Quote-Timo Bolte    

Flowers and Balloons to Create Impact

The bouquet is made of paper pompoms on wooden sticks- after filled with the new pastel-dyed Topspin chrysanthemum and the metallic-colored anthurium. The metallic structure of the anthurium is remembered as helium balloons. So we created a whole set.     Timo Bolte:
The idea behind this project was that being stuck at home doesn’t mean that you can’t be romantic or surprise your other half, your best friend, your roommate, your family...

Surprise Proposals

Also thinking forward to a surprise proposal when wedding season is hopefully starting again. These days, everyone on social media is all over balloons. They are a very big topic. I love working with them. It's all about joy and happiness. Flowers and balloons look extravagant together. They are easy to handle, so florists could make good extra money by including balloons in their collection and services. They don't cost much, they don't need big storage space, but they give a massive effect.   We Can Bring Joy at Home with Flowers and Balloons - Blog on Thursd    

Creating Content with Flowers and Balloons

The other idea was creating content to publish because people only buy what they see. So if a florist wants to sell a service or product, they have to show it. Otherwise, nobody knows that they are providing this service. And as no events are going ahead, everyone is running out of material to post, so styled shoots are a good way to pimp the portfolio and keep content going to entertain followers and potential clients. There is nothing worse than an old timeline on socials. If I see the last posting was 3/4/5 months ago, I am not sure if the company still exists after covid.    

Styled Shoot

You really have to go on the styled shoot and content production side, I mean, that’s marketing! Nothing more important than this. It’s like Karl Lagerfeld said:
You have to throw money out of the window and it will come back through the door.
  We Can Bring Joy at Home with Flowers and Balloons - Blog on Thursd      
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Timo Bolte

Timo Bolte is a very talented German luxury event designer with floral design education who can successfully transform every single event and make it look unreal! His passion for his job and his skills in combination with his experienced team can design and approach an event perfectly with less stress and much more confidence, offering his clients both inspiration and information as he provides unique tips, planning, designing, and executing every vision. Timo Bolte has won many awards for his impressive artwork and now he is one highly talented young designer that always fascinates and surprises people with his work. He is a true dream maker that touch people’s lives and emotions through his plants and floral designs. His credo is the nearness to the plant. Together with the control of the most different creation schemata, it is above all the unconditional respect for the natural growth forms which constitute the creation of Timo Bolte. He looks at flowers as a cultural asset. And if he speaks then of himself as a cultural-creative, resonate in it his esteem and love for flowers and plants.



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