Color Clash With Ilonka Chrysanthemum

"I become more and more open to new materials, techniques, and ways of thinking"

By: TIMO BOLTE | 02-04-2021 | 3 min read

As an event designer, I love corporate events and other huge parties. To work with the right flower for the right occasion is very important. You can create an enormous impact with dyed flowers for branding or natural colored flowers for weddings. You just have to be open-minded and go for it. This was a commercial shooting for a make-up brand. A color clash with Ilonka Chrysanthemum from Dümmen Orange.  

  Quote-Timo Bolte Color Clash with Ilonka Chrysanthemum

Color Clash With Ilonka Chrysanthemum

This photoshoot really made me happy. Professionalism is something I really love, and the mood was right, the flowers were gorgeous, and the colors amazing.



Dyed Chrysanthemum Ilonka Versus Natural

When I first started working in floristry years ago, I was at the same point as most of the readers: Nature is the only thing- and how can people just destroy the existing beauty of the flowers. Also, there are nearly all colors existing- so there is no need to dying them- and if something is not available it's for a reason. I still truly believe in the beauty of nature, of twigs and dry materials; of using natural materials and showcasing the different stadiums of life. But as long I work now in the events industry I become more and more open to new materials, techniques, and ways of thinking. There is not only one right way- there are plenty - and that's good. As diverse as people are, as diverse are taste and possibilities.


Color Clash with Ilonka Chrysanthemum with Timo Bolte - Blog on Thursd 23


Experience Other Cultures

Working with other cultures, especially the Indian culture taught me how colorful the usage of flowers can be. And there is not any "ugly" dyed flower- It's always how the designer uses them. One example- Last year I've had a chocolate brown dyed Carnation in my hand- as a single blossom the worst I've ever seen and definitely I couldn't imagine using them in a daily arrangement and even less in a client's bouquet.- But giving it a chance and upscaling the number of stems- We created a 2 m tall floral teddy bear. Out of a sudden, the single brown Carnation turned into the only floral material to create this real touch fluffy texture.  


Color Clash with Ilonka Chrysanthemum

Another project I've been recently working on was a commercial shooting for a Make-Up brand. So the idea was to transport the message of adding colorful paint onto a surface. So we decided to work with the vibrant colors of the new Ilonka Chrysanthemum from Dümmen Orange. My tip:

Create big spots and very hard and consequent grouping. As bigger the groups as more color harmony and as calmer the whole design becomes. Especially working for camera demands creating calm arrangements- the biggest mistake would be to create a confetti effect in the colors. To highlight the different colors we were playing with additional lights and purposely color washed the arrangements- If we would have equally spread the flowers, this would not have been possible. To create interesting contrasts take a classic color wheel and use different contrast like the cold-warm contrast or with opposite colors.


Dyed flowers are a very big trend. And the possibilities are endless, especially in corporate events. So don't be shy and give it a chance.  


Color Clash with Ilonka Chrysanthemum with Timo Bolte - Blog on Thursd 11

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