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It's so important to collaborate with the right partners.

By: TIMO BOLTE | 01-07-2021 | 5 min read
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For me it's important to work with a partner and grower I can trust and rely on. I am profoundly convinced that very many people influenced me with their products; and even more with their quality of flowers. Most of them are well known, they need no introduction. But floristry is to a large extent emotion: we draw inspiration from intense relationships. Many partners accompanied me on my journey, and continue to do so. I am really lucky that many of my partners became close friends over the years. Because I need a partner to trust on.


  The Key To A Successful Event Is to Work With the Right Partner blog Timo Bolte Prestwold Hall on Thursd


Catch the Perfect Moment With Flowers on Point

In events, it is necessary to catch the perfect moment. Mostly it doesn't matter if the vase life is super long. For us, it's important to have the flowers open on point. So is it when I am ordering Peonies a few days in advance to get them perfectly open - I need them all to open at an equal pace. I don´t need some rushing ahead while others are still compact bulbs. The same with roses. I want them all perfectly open. But at the same time, they have to be strong enough to survive the time of setting up and during the event.  


The king's discipline of any event is weddings. Here we do have one try only. We cannot repeat it the following year or give it a second try. And a bride who says she loves roses and peonies doesn't care if they will be in full bloom the following days. I am glad to work with partners like My Peony Society and Decofresh Roses who perfectly understand my needs and can provide the quantities of flowers I need for an event.  


The most popular flowers for events are still roses, hydrangeas, peonies, and chrysanthemums. I would like to take the chance and want to highlight some of the amazing partners I work with over the years.


  The Key to a Successful Event Is to Work With the Right Partner blog Timo Bolte Prestwold Hall wedding dinner table setting on Thursd

My Peony Society - A Longer Season

Something as beautiful as the peony should be enjoyed for as long as possible. So they make sure their fresh peonies are available as long as possible - which is an unbelievable 10 months per year.  


The Key to a Successful Event Is to Work With the Right Partner - blog Timo Bolte Prestwold Hall flower installation flower cloud on Thursd


With their network of expert growers employing innovative cultivation techniques and modern shipping methods, as well as their partnerships with experienced wholesalers, My Peony Society can offer fresh peonies longer than most. The result: an extended peony season and a greater variety of peonies to be enjoyed year-round. Here to name are 40 growers in 6 countries worldwide.  

    Some of the peony varieties I was allowed to use at the wedding are:


The Key To A Successful Event Is to Work With the Right Partner blog Timo Bolte Prestwold Hall flower table setting on Thursd


With amazing new techniques and a perfectly working collaboration, I also want to highlight Dekker Chrysanten with their new varieties.  


Kennedy bazooka dyed from Gerard de Koning, in baby blue and soft pink. As well as Topspin Chrysanthemum from Dekker. As a spray and disbud chrysanthemum, this variety is like a rising sports star with a very promising future. Topspin plays a blinder, whatever time of the year. Thanks to its powerful genetics, it looks fantastic in the vase for a very long time – without breaking a sweat. Topspin’s bright white color is no match for the competition and could well earn it legendary status. One of its talents lies in its flowers, which can be painted exquisitely in one or two-tone colors.  


The Key To A Successful Event Is to Work With the Right Partner blog Timo Bolte  Prestwold Hall floral installation flower center piece table on Thursd


Talking about colors and varieties in the rose sector, there is only one that I can name as my insider's tip.  

Decofresh Roses

Decofresh Roses is a marketing initiative in combination with a group of leading Kenyan farms, which sells a wide range of roses directly from Kenya. They supply straight from the producer to the customer, their roses are hand-picked, quality inspected, well-priced and extremely fresh. Their roses are unpacked and processed under ideal conditions at the Decofresh Holland facilities in  Aalsmeer.


  Bride and Bouquet on Thursd


Decofresh Roses plays a leading role in the research and development of new special varieties, working with leading breeders, and has launched and introduced many unique and niche market varieties.  


Flower Arch on Thursd  

In the floral designs of the wedding you can find these rose varieties:

I know it sounds a bit like home shopping or me standing on the IPM trying to sell you something. But actually, it's different. People are buying from people. And every company has a story to tell. The more we know about the people we are working with the more we can tell our clients and we can build long-term relationships.  


Timo bolte at Work on Thursd


Because succeeding in the event-end wedding business is about choosing the right partner. So it is not only the couple who's getting married in a long-term relationship. So are we. And knowing that I can trust my roses in the sun at a summer wedding is helping me a lot. I can focus on other problems than trying to source new flowers last minute and reducing my earnings for the wedding.  

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