Welcome Easter - It Is Time to Celebrate a New Beginning With Snowstorm+ Roses

"Every flower has its emotion, its story, its strength... to be able to use these Roses to Welcome Easter has a strong message to me."

By: ANNA LAMOT-BACH | 11-04-2022 | 2 min read
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Header - Welcome Easter With Snowstorm+ Roses - A Blog by Anna Lamot-Bach on Thursd

I can hear your thoughts: "Snowstorm+ roses for Easter?" Well, I say a big yes! I love working with these roses from breeder Dümmen Orange. They surprise me with their quality. These delicate, long-lasting - they lasted four weeks and in three different places for photo sessions! - flowers will fit right in with spring decor, and they will make a statement.

Welcome Easter With Snowstorm+ Roses

The Snowstorm+ roses stepped up for me. Long-lasting and strong... They are sophisticated in this centerpiece. They are a sign of innocence and hope to me. Hope for peace in our world. The blue eggs and yellow mimosas create the kind of arrangement that makes us think about Ukrainian Fear. But we need to have hope for better times. The meaning of the white Snowstorm+ roses to me is very important. I hope to Welcome Easter - it is time to celebrate a new beginning with a Snowstorm+.


Wreath With Snowstorm+ Roses for Easter - on Thursd
Wreath with Rose Snowstorm+  
Natalia Laube-Eldali Photography (@natalialaubephotography)


The Meaning of Each Flower

Every flower has its unique symbolic meaning and significance. Rose Snowstorm+ symbolizes innocence and hope, and mimosas are calling for sun and peace. Dry hydrangea represents deep emotions and understanding while beautiful hellebores signify what we all need - serenity. 



Flowers Are Emotion

Flowers should not only be used as a decoration and be seen as something that makes our living area beautiful. Flowers are emotions, many different emotions... And they do not need to be hidden. Go ahead, and explore Snowstorm+ roses in different arrangements and with various emotions.



Floral Design by Anna Lamot-Bach 

My company Floral Design by Anna is based in Dublin, Ireland. We provide a selection of beautiful flowers for all occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funerals, etc. Whatever the special event, we can tailor a stunning arrangement to suit you. I have a personal interest in art, interior design, and traveling the world. And I try to bring a creative and artistic perspective to planning and designing an event. International events and inspirational shoots are among my favorites.


Snowstorm+ Roses With Dried Hydrangea - A Blog by Anna Lamot-Bach on Thursd
Snowstorm+ roses with dried hydrangea
Natalia Laube-Eldali Photography (@natalialaubephotography)




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Anna Lamot-Bach

International Championship 2010 from Poland 3rd place (Florint diploma certificate). Working and living in Ireland as a wedding decorator. Awards: 2014 Wedding Bouquet Category - Oxford 2019 Brown Award - category growing spaces International Designer of the year Fusion Flowers Magazine Over 20 years of experience in the wedding floral industry. Organizing weddings workshops in Poland since 2016. Published work in several Polish florist magazines and Russian floral magazines. Organized the 2018 Weddings Floral Trends Show for Oasis Floral Products in Warszawa (Poland) at Ptak Expo Warsaw. Did the Inspirational Show at Expo MTP Poznan for Oasis Smithers Products and Flora Life supported by Marginpar, Avalanche Roses, and Ansu in 2020.



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