The Result of My Floral Creations for a Heavenly Wedding in Los Cabos

The tones used for this wedding decor and bridal bouquet go with the Thursd Floral Trend Color Palette for 2024!

By: YAMILE BULOS | 22-11-2023 | 2 min read
Floral Trend Color Wedding Flowers
Yamile Bulos wedding florist

My excitement goes above and beyond when I create floral designs for weddings because there's nothing I am more passionate about than making a couple the happiest on earth with the magical and extraordinary use of flowers. Recently, I had the chance to design all the floral concepts including the bride's bouquet, floral decor for the tables, and the wedding in general, held in Le Blanc, Los Cabos, Mexico.

My Floral Design for a Spectacular Wedding in the Heart of Los Cabos

As a little back story, it was Sara Eve Kronquist’s wedding on June 6th, 2023, and I was ecstatic that she chose me to design all the floral arrangements and bouquets for this ultra-special celebration. I hope you enjoy the wonderful scenarios and pictures that were taken on this day!



Spectacular flowers in Thursd Floral Trend Color Palette by Yamile Bulos


Held in Le Blanc, it was the perfect scenery to create a breathtaking array of floral designs in some of my favorite tones: light blue, orange, yellow, neutrals, and whites.



It is no coincidence that my designs fit perfectly with the Thursd Floral Trend Color Palette for 2024. All of these gorgeous colors combine in such a way that can't even be described because the results were visually stunning.



The bride wanted something fresh and colorful but at the same time elegant and sophisticated, with a mix of textures and other elements as dried florals as well. This gave the overall floral design a complete look, including both fresh and dried flowers.


Visuals of the wedding table designed by Yamile Bulos
Sara Eve Kronquist’s wedding in Le Blanc, Los Cabos, 2023


Happy couple with bouquet by Yamile Bulos


Sara Eve Kronquist with her bridal bouquet


A Personalized Bridal Bouquet

One thing I love about my job is how I can personalize and create any bridal bouquet according to the preferences of the bride. For this celebration, I was ecstatic to deliver the bride her bridal bouquet personally and it felt very nice to see her smile and joy when she took the first glance of it.


Personalized bridal bouquet by Yamile Bulos


Her smile was unique and I was sure of one thing: I had accomplished my mission once again by giving this amazing couple the wedding flowers of their dreams. Also, if you haven't yet checked Thursd's Floral Trend Colors of 2024, make sure to take a look at them to get future inspo for floral designs!

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Yamile Bulos

Yamile Bulos is a flower designer based in Mexico but working abroad. She owns a degree in Marketing and Communications but the future had something much better prepared for her: Flowers! Certified as a Floral Designer by the London Flower School, Yamile has traveled a very odd and interesting journey in the world of flowers. After LFS, her career began in the Middle East as the Head Florist of a company specialized in the organization and production of large and luxury events, especially Royal Weddings. Yamile can literally turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! Although her passion is massive installations and events, she really enjoys making arrangements and bouquets for any special occasion. She always takes life itself as inspiration, artists, paintings, interior design, art in general, and nature. Besides this, the special touch of her work is that it’s always done with tons of love and passion, which has led her to be who she is today. Her background in creative agencies and her experience in marketing, advertising, project management, and communication gives her a different vision of everything and helps her to have a balance among the commercial, financial and creative, always obtaining efficient results and assuring that all companies and clients she works for, get the highest quality and faultless service. Yamile’s style is eclectic; quirky but delicious, combined with a bit of the garden and English style. She loves to mix textures, colors, and many varieties of flowers, her favorites are the showiest ones!


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