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Brassica Oleracea Empire Akilina is a member of the Brassica Empire Series. The flower starts with a pink fringed leaves heart, shifting to white and finishes with green outer leaves. Brassica Empire series is the next generation of high-quality ornamental cabbages. Extensive breeding efforts have resulted in a brassica series with and an extraordinary appearance, long stems of at least 80 cm, disease resistance, and a great reduction of the typical brassica odor. The series consists of 16 strong varieties with flat or fringed leaves in a spectrum of ivory, green, pink, and purple color combinations. Check out all brassica Empire varieties on Evanthia.

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As a breeder and supplier of high-quality starting material, the power of Evanthia is in developing and selecting outstanding varieties in cut flowers and pot & bedding plants, and sourcing an extraordinary assortment of tropical plants. This results in a strong assortment of top products from seed and tissue culture, and a solid availability of exotics ranging from alocasia to strelitzia.

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Evanthia is fully committed to every product we sell. From its breeding department to our customer service and from sales to logistics, Evanthia stands out in offering you quality in every detail.

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