8 Popular Spray Roses in Eastern Europe From De Ruiter

Countries in Eastern Europe tend to follow their own trends in floristry and with that comes a different assortment of flowers. Discover 8 spray roses that are in production right now.

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All flowers carry meaning, whether it's variety, color, or quantity, but we tend to forget their expressions are not universal. Where white flowers in many Asian countries are used for funerals and to show sympathy, almost no weddings go without white flowers in North America. Every part of the world has its own cultural meanings and rituals when it comes to gifting flowers, and the same applies to the popularity of certain flowers and their different varieties. 

Spray Roses in Eastern Europe - These Are the Most Popular Varieties

Not all roses that sell well in, for instance, Canada, are demanded in equal measure in Romania or Poland. Countries in Eastern Europe tend to follow their own trends in floristry and with that comes a different assortment of flowers than you'll see in a flower shop in Paris for example. While gifting flowers in Western Europe is becoming more optional, Eastern Europeans are more traditional with their floral gifts. 


Misty Bubbles via & Lavender Bubbles via @katyahutterfloraldesign


A Customary Part of Social Life

Whether you're going on a first date or attending a birthday party, flowers are a customary part of social life in many Eastern European countries. Not to mention the millions and millions of flowers that are transported to Eastern Europe every year to celebrate important holidays such as Mother's Day and International Women's Day. But even if you just want to let someone know you like them or appreciate them, gifting a bouquet is always a good idea around these parts of the world. Want to know what to buy? Let's discover 8 popular spray roses in Eastern Europe from De Ruiter that you'll find on the markets right now.


De Ruiter Innovations Roses - on Thursd

Selection of De Ruiter's roses during the IFTF. Image by @katyahutterfloraldesign


Spray Rose Special Dimension

The spray rose Special Dimension is special indeed! The beautiful pale pink buds of this variety open up to flat rosettes filled with many layers of petals, reminiscent of traditional English garden roses freshly picked from the garden. Special dimension exudes love and affection and is a great spray rose for bridal bouquets and baby showers but looks just as stunning in larger floral installations with its lush appearance. 


Spray Rose Special Dimension - De Ruiter on Thursd


Bubbles Spray Roses 

De Ruiter is known for its extensive assortment of Bubbles spray roses that come in many colors and trendy shapes, from varieties that resemble peonies to spray roses that have that 'fresh from the garden' look. While the following Bubbles spray roses do especially well in Eastern Europe, there are actually approximately forty varieties of Bubbles spray roses as of today. Expected is that this line will continue to expand in varieties in the coming years. De Ruiter aims to crossbreed the strong character traits of the roses between the roses already existing. The specific characteristics of the roses are so good, all we have to do is wait until new exciting varieties are discovered in the new selections.

Spray Rose King Bubbles

The spray rose King Bubbles can be recognized by its gorgeous bicolor petals that move from a soft yellow to an intense, lively shade of red. With 30-35 petals per bloom, this variety is packed with beauty. And just like with most spray roses from this collection, an excellent vase life of 10-12 days ensures you can enjoy King Bubbles for a long time. 


Spray Rose King Bubbles - De Ruiter on Thursd


Spray Rose Lavender Bubbles 

Lavender roses have the traditional meaning of 'love at first sight', and Lavender Bubbles is one of the relatively few high-performing spray roses in this color. Lavender Bubbles opens just enough to reveal the complex shaping of the central petals, which can have as much as 70 petals per bloom. Outer petals may be edged with a lighter, more metallic shade, accentuating the pure lavender heart of this variety. 


Spray Rose Lavender Bubbles - De Ruiter on Thursd


Spray Rose Pink Bubbles

The lovely spray rose Pink Bubbles is perfect for weddings, whether incorporated into bridesmaids' bouquets or as part of a boutonniere. Buds open up to reveal the softest of pink petals, just like cotton candy. 


Spray Rose Pink Bubbles - De Ruiter on Thursd


Spray Rose Rich Bubbles

Rich Bubbles is another striking spray rose with a garden rose shape, packed to the brim with petals. When blooming, Rich Bubbles reveals a sheen of metallic purple that makes it both a unique and eye-catching variety. The rounded buds with their inward-folding petals are immediately reminiscent of peonies. Perfect for creating lush arrangements but looks just as good in a mono-bouquet. 


Spray Rose Rich Bubbles - De Ruiter on Thursd


Spray Rose Misty Bubbles

Misty Bubbles is probably one of the most popular Bubbles varieties that you will see all over the world but is especially liked in Eastern Europe. When you see this spray rose with its vivid pink/purple coloring and metallic hue just like Rich Bubbles, it's easy to understand why this variety is so loved. Misty Bubbles has an average of 45-50 petals per bloom and can be enjoyed up to 10 days in the vase when cared for properly. 


Spray Rose Misty Bubbles - De Ruiter on Thursd


Spray Rose Blossom Bubbles 

Blossom Bubbles has a name as sweet as the color is extraordinary - a bluish, light lavender that looks both rich and delicate. The cabbage shape of this variety puts that color on an opulent display, as subtle white margins on the outer petals give definition to each curved, overlapping edge. 


Spray Rose Blossom Bubbles - De Ruiter on Thursd


Spray Rose Marvellous Bubbles

The spray rose Marvellous Bubbles is as wonderful as the name suggests. This deep pink variety immediately captures your attention, and with those many layers of beautiful petals, it doesn't let go. The rounded buds open up to pretty, frilly rosettes that look just as great in delicate bouquets as in large arrangements and floral installations. 


Spray Rose Marvellous Bubbles - De Ruiter on Thursd


More Spray Roses 

Can't get enough of spray roses either? Then don't forget to check out De Ruiter on Thursd. Discover more Bubbles Spray Roses From De Ruiter or Check Out These Spray Roses Blooming at De Ruiter East Africa




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