A Welcome Center for the Grand World Phu Quoc Hotel Has Been Built With 42,000 Bamboo Shoots

Modern and innovative architectural designs make a statement once again.

By: THURSD. | 16-08-2022 | 3 min read
_Bamboo shoots in Vietnam hotel header on Thursd

This welcome center complex in Vietnam using bamboo shoots is the newest and most amazing architectural work by Vo Trong Nghia Architects. How amazing is it? Nature works in magnificent ways, especially when architects take the lead and bring their wildest ideas to real life.

Bamboo Shoots Meets Architecture in Vietnam Hotel

Vietnamese renowned studio Vo Trong Nghia Architects has done it once again with a magnific work of art using one of nature's finest natural resources: bamboo shoots. To construct this astounding welcome site in the World Phu Quoc Hotel, approximately 42,000 pieces of bamboo were used to create it and the result is absolutely stupefying. It's both hypnotizing and mesmerizing at first sight.


Interior of Vietnam hotel constructed with bamboo shoots on thursd


The entrance of the building welcomes visitors to the hotel, greeting them with a unique and insane lotus-shaped bamboo door.

Vo Trong Nghia Architects:

"The light comes in beautifully and, along with the natural color of bamboo, creates a warm and intimate atmosphere, even though the structure is very open in terms of airflow."

The Symbolism Behind Building a Complex With Bamboo Shoots in Vietnam

The brilliant architectural studio behind the bamboo work of art was in charge of creating an innovative design of a structure that embodies Vietnamese culture and provides a bold symbol at the entrance to the expansive site.


Bamboo shots in Vietnam hotel World Phu Quoc on Thursd


As seen through the breathtaking pictures that actually get you saying "wow" upon first sight, the hollow stems of the grass species that grow rapidly in Vietnam's tropical climate are what fill the creative design of this complex. Bamboo is definitely the biggest symbol of this unique culture and the power of architectural designs the country has to offer.

What Makes the Structure So Appealing?

Bamboo, of course, is the obvious material that is the main protagonist of the hotel entrance. However, the dense structure comprises a series of arches, domes, and grids, with an internal void sculpted into the forms of a lotus and bronze drum to give it a special and creative touch to every spectator.


Impressive bamboo construction in Vietnam hotel on Thursd


The bamboo framework produces interior spaces that feel open and transparent, due to the grid structure allowing light to penetrate through it. But wait, have you observed the fact that all the bamboo shoots in this Vietnam hotel are perfectly aligned? Kudos to the designers!

Light Beams Through the Bamboo Shoots in This Vietnam Hotel

Not only does natural light filtrate through the various holes created by the bamboo shoots throughout the entire site, but skylights, also incorporated into the building's thatched roof allow daylight to illuminate the interior. If you're planning to visit the entrance facade, you'll feel fully ventilated and at ease when stepping right in, thanks to its grid system, enabling breezes to ventilate the space naturally.


Lighting inside the bamboo Vietnam hotel on Thursd


Challenges Faced During the Construction

With the ultimate goal of becoming the first studio to build such an original hotel entrance, and this goal being achieved, the studio also claimed they faced a few challenges when constructing it. The site which uses ropes and bamboo pins to connect the culms together was more complicated than previous smaller bamboo buildings due to the hybrid structural systems used. But that, of course, did not stop them from building such an outstanding and phenomenal design using bamboo shoots in this Vietnam hotel.


Vo Trong Nghia Architects bamboo shoots design on thursd



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